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Band Anticosm
Country United States of America
Genre Black Metal, Thrash Metal
Release date 2015/10/12


This year is the decennial of your debut release. How does this feel?

Mark: I can't believe we ate the whole thing!
Kirill: Like a hangover.
Goreman: It's unbelievable that we've come this far with our music. I remember my first show with the band, i was 19, was in the awkward stage of growing my hair out. That was the first time I had worn corpse paint. We've come a long way since those days, but it's nice to look back on the younger years of the band.

As not many will be familiar with your band, why don't you write about Anticosm, its history and about the music you play?
Mark: Kirill and I met in high school 2002 I was a freshman he was a junior I think, we started hanging out getting wasted listening to metal everyday, decided to start a band. Wrote some songs went through different members and band names until we met Ethan in 2004 when he was a freshman, we were in gym class together. One thing led to another we jammed with him and that was the start of Anticosm as it is today, when we started playing the songs the way they are now and we recorded a crappy demo in 2005 and its been all downhill from there, coasting off the fame of that first crappy demo hahah, no but seriously we just write the kind of music we would want to hear from a metal band and hopefully others enjoy it too!
Kirill: I don’t know. Mark just summed it up.

How do you look back on those “old” days? What has changed since then?
Mark: For Ethan nothing he says...I myself am married with a little girl now so thats a big difference from the party days, we have certainly all grown up and became responsible working adults from when we started the band we were just kids in highschool ya know...I would say I miss the old days but who doesn't miss being young with no responsibility haha. All that changed how much time we have to dedicate to the band as well so it is harder now to keep it going.
Kirill: Life happened. The past ten years just flew by like nothing. I feel like as soon as Anticosm happened someone had pressed the fast forward button.
Goreman: I think mainly our music has changed alot over the years. We've matured more in our song writing, not to mentioned in our personal lives. One thing i realize now as we're older is we don't party as much as we used to.

Are you still able to enjoy your early works?
Mark: Ethan likes them better than the new ones...I still enjoy them I think they sound like we were having fun, which we were, the old material usually brings a smile when I hear it.
Kirill: I find them entertaining. You can hear our progress and evolution in those works. After all only one person knew how to play an instrument when this band started. It’s interesting to see where we are now.
Goreman: I like popping in the older stuff, although it has been quite some time since I've thrown on the Alcoholic Darkness demo. It's nostalgic for sure, remembering what you were doing back then and what our earlier writing and recording processes were.

An album you like from the year 2005.
Mark: You think I remember what the hell came out in 2005? Okay we just looked up a list of albums released in 2005 after consulting with the list and a team of scientists we came up with Stormblast MMV by Dimmu Borgir, that was an album we liked from then as well as Judas Priest Angel of Retribution that album was awesome, also I personally liked the CKY album that came out that year.
Kirill: Why 2005? Ok, Kamelot “The Black Halo,” I like the Priest album as well. Doesn’t seem like much came out that year, unless I’m forgetting something.
Goreman: Meshuggah-Catch 33. I remember going to pick that up after freshly getting stoned and listening to the album. I got so confused because of the tracks blending into one another, tripped me out.

How has your musical preference changed over the years?
Mark: We used to all mostly just listen to metal all the time but we have collectively broadened our horizons quite a bit....but I still always go back to the same records I always loved.
Kirill: Because of life I do not have as much time to invest into discovering new bands like I used to. I still listen to the ones I have always been listening to. Have been getting more into classic rock…..and Peter Gabriel. I like the new Enslaved album “In Times.”
Goreman: Back in High School i was into mainly death metal, grindcore and black metal, thrash and some traditional stuff. After a couple of years, I started to get into electronic music like The Residents, Nash the Slash, Tangerine Dream, Zombi, Aphex Twin, and then some more poppy stuff. I listen to a lot of prog rock and got into some new wave stuff as well. Now my musical collection includes almost everything from harsh noise to classical, from the odd and strange, to the poppy and cheerful. I still listen to metal pretty much every day, but my tastes have broadened exponentially.

Are you still satisfied with the band name?
Mark: Yes
Kirill: Yes. I think it’s awesome.
Goreman: Yes.

Is there still a glimmer of hope to be discovered a large label and reach metal stardom?
Mark: No. If people like us they like us and thats great, we never expected to pay bills with this we do it for the love of the music, pro-bono.
Kirill: Hahahaha…next question. But seriously, no. Labels don’t mean as much as they used to. It is up to us. We’ve seen local bands getting signed to a big metal label just to return home, after the contract, in debt. As far as metal stardom goes, if you mean do I wish this to be my career? Then the answer is yes.

What keeps the band going?
Mark: Booze.
Kirill: The main thing that drives me is the idea of leaving something behind. Even if we don’t achieve stardom I would be satisfied knowing I left some kind of a legacy in the local metal scene. We love playing live and releasing new music is very exciting. We have a lot of ideas on what we think metal should sound like and being able to share our vision with people is very motivational.
Goreman: Beer and riffs man.

You have quite a stable line-up in Anticosm. How did you manage to keep most of the band together over all these years?
Mark: Funny you should mention it, Ethan quit the band upon reading this question. But we always just loved doing it I guess, we all believed in making this music and keeping it going no matter what. But yeah Ethan really did quit he just got sick of it and burned out on it, but we sort of have him back now he decided he wants to do a 10th anniversary show so its a step in the right direction, at least we got him behind the kit again.
Goreman: We all do this because we love playing music. We have definitely been gone for a while but the core group here is still trying to pump out some new stuff. As long as we have a creative output, i don't think we'll be stopping anytime soon.

How does Anticosm fit into the local metal scene? What would be other bands from your town or region?
Mark: There isn't the biggest local scene around here, it used to be Deer Carcass, Lethal Strike, Annunaki and such, right now we kinda fell off though since Ethan quit we stopped playing shows but hopefully we can now work our way back in with Ethan deciding to take up drums again, its been roughly 2 years since we played live we were just working on the album after ethan left and were going to try and find a new drummer but now hopefully we wont have to if he stays on after this show we have planned.
Kirill: We have not been as active as we used to be. I know there is a good scene happening in Brooklyn. As far as bands go, everyone that we used to play with seemed to break up over time. Our friend Stanziano from Annunaki just released a new album with Hercyn.
Goreman: : I'm not too sure about this one. We haven't played out in a few years, I'm sure there are alot more bands we've never heard yet and unfortunately haven't gotten to play with yet. A couple bands from our state that ive played with in my other band are killer bands. Black Urn, Sunrot, Inertia and Dutchguts are some excellent local bands to check out.

What has struck me when I wrote the review on your eponymous album is how you have thrown a lot of stuff over board; at least compared to your debut album. Can your write about this evolution. Has this been a natural process?
Mark: Pretty much yes, we don't intentionally strive for anything we just write what comes out at the time and thats what the end result is...we may very well add keyboards again in the future if it fits, we just go with the flow.
Kirill: After rehearsing the songs a few times, we decided to record them as they are. We wanted to release a raw album and figured anything else would be unnecessary and would take away from the sound. There is always the issue of ideas that musicians seems to horde these days and throw out via side-projects, because … because they can I guess.

So, where is Anticosm's back log? Where are those countless riffs that have been written but never used? Why are there so few side-projects?
Mark: We all just went full speed ahead with Anticosm and put all our creative energy into it, there is no musical restraint, we just let our creativity out through Anticosm mostly. only until recently with Ethan taking his break from drums have we focused on side projects just because as creative people we had to do something while we wait for Ethan to decide to come back. I have been singing in a punk band, The Swindle, recently and Gorman has his stoner doom band Doperider, Randy plays in Grim Legion, a death metal band....but once Anticosm is ready again this is the main gig, the bread and butter, most of my creative energy will go back into this, I have some riffs and song ideas ready for when the time comes.
Kirill: We don’t have much back catalogue. Everything that we write we release. Some of the songs from the newest album have ideas that were thought of years ago.

How has your approach to music and song-writing changed over the years?
Mark: .It hasn't, just go full speed ahead with what sounds good to us, we write what we think metal by us should sound like.
Kirill: We are not able to find as much to sit down together and start writing from the very beginning like we used to. We come up with ideas more independently now and sometimes get together to share them with each other. Before Mark and I would sit in a room with a blank piece of paper and not get up until we have some sort of an idea for a song.
Goreman: I'm a speed freak, so i always want to go faster and heavier. I feel that we went in a more heavier direction for this album. I like to take influences from other genres and incorporate them into a song giving it more to work with.

How long does it take you to get a song done? How would you describe the process?
Mark: Anywhere from months to years to get it right honestly. Usually I or Kirill come up with riffs and a general structure but it winds up changing when the whole band plays it together, parts get added/taken, tempos change, sometimes we'll play a song live and that will help us realize where we want to go with it before recording it, and it all is really a very collaborative effort to make something everyone in the band can agree on.
Kirill: It depends. I remember how Mark and I wrote “Death Never Sleeps” that was done almost within a day just us jamming on acoustic guitars. Obviously it takes up more time getting it all perfected with the drums, bass and rhythms. The process at times is easy going and sometimes painful but it is always rewarding in the end.

Your music has a different vibe on your Anticosm output. It is more technical and more diverse. The songs twist and turn around. How did this happen? Is this direction something you would like to evolve even further?
Mark: .It just kind of happened that way....we write whatever comes out, the recording process was tortuous and torturous since we did it ourselves mostly, terrible idea never again. But that may have had something to do with it as well, as for moving forward we will most likely just keep writing whatever comes out.
Kirill: We don’t plan our sound. We don’t sit there and say “ok, this will be more technical.” We get our ideas together and see how it turns out after everyone has had their input. This album just turned out this way. We have no idea what the next one will sound like, but we hope it sounds like Anticosm.

Yet I somehow felt that a short and more direct composition would not have hurt the album, because it would have been a counterpoint to the dominant style of the album. Your response?
Mark: I hear ya, like I said we just come up with what we come up with and when we all agree on it then its a song.
Kirill: I feel like “Kill or be Killed” is short and direct. Is it not?

Who had the idea with the cover version of “Land Down Under” from “Men At Work”. Why this song? What makes it so special? What cover might appear on s future release?
Mark: Originally Ethan wanted to cover who can it be now by Men At Work but the whole band decided they would rather Land Down Under. We honestly went through dozens of possible cover song ideas and it was the first song we could all agree on, which led to us realizing we want to do a cover album at some point, Rush, The Police etc. So look for that in the future, we like trying to cover songs that we can turn into extreme metal and make our own...we think its funny mostly.
Kirill: What the hell is the point of a black metal band covering black metal? We are not a cover band we like to create original music. I believe by us covering Men at Work or Van Halen in our style creates something new. We have been playing with the idea of doing a cover album. I don’t remember why we picked this song in particular. I remember us drinking and listening to them and then Mark got a sax and it was all about “Who Can it be Now” from there.
Goreman: I don't remember who had the idea, but we all thought it was funny to do that as a cover. We like having fun and joking around, so I think that played into the decision to cover that song. We don't have anything planned for now, but i'm sure it will be somewhat silly.

Why did you fall back on a hand-drawn cover for your latest output?
Mark: It would have been harder to rent a bulldozer and get a field of skulls for us to plow and take a picture, so we had someone draw it instead. It looks cool I feel like its old school.

Is Anticosm also available physically or just as MP3s for now?
Mark: See Born of Chaos Records website for physical copies...the new album is being pressed currently.
Kirill: From what I know it is only mp3 for now, but Born of Chaos Records is working on the physical copy.
Goreman: As of now, you can only download it in MP3 format. Our label is pressing physical copies soon.

What can someone, who would join on of your concerts, expect there to happen? Can you share some live experiences you have had over the years?
Mark: People moshing, Headbanging, horns in the air...typical metal show you would expect. We just get up there and let the music do the work. I remember one shirtless dude doing a backflip off the stage once at the grange in howel, that was pretty cool.
Kirill: From what people say we are very energetic. Some experiences? Sure. I remember stabbing Marks leg once with my mic stand (by accident) which was an upside down cross made from a sword and two bowie knives. In New Orleans there was a drive by outside with AK47s. I got knocked out once and woke up in an ambulance. Booze, loose women and rock n roll. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.
Goreman: You can expect to get drunk and headbang until you puke.

What are your plans for the future? Where do you want to go with the band?
Mark: We are planning a 10th anniversary show for now, playing old material maybe a few new ones to support the album and thats about it for now, I have riffs ready for new material when we can all sit down and hash it out, I would like to just keep doing what were doing and put out new music when we can and play live when we can. I would like to work on a new e.p. in the not too distant future.
Kirill: Like I said maybe a cover album? We will be working on some new original material. We would love to get back on stage. We are all at a point in our lives where we can’t dedicate as much time to Anticosm as we would like, but it is definitely not going away.
Goreman: Right now I think we are trying to write some new material for an Ep. It has been a long time since we've all jammed together, but over the next year, we hope to have a new release out.

Closing comments, if you like.
Mark: Thank you for taking the time to interview us and for having reviewed our releases, its been a pleasure, everyone go download Anticosm off our bandcamp for free and let us know what you think, hopefully we will have more for you in not such a long stretch of time this time. Cheers!
Kirill: We hope everyone takes advantage of our free download on bandcamp at We encourage everyone and anyone to hit us up with any questions or comments. Would like to give a shout out to our Finnish fan Turo who has been following us consistently and thank you for the interview. Cheers!
Goreman: Thank you to everyone who has followed this band over the years. It's been a fun experience and we have had many great times and interactions while playing with these guys.