Bad Suburban Nightmare - Highway 2

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Band Bad Suburban Nightmare
Album Highway 2
Country United Kingdom
Genre Drone, Minimalism
Release date (album) 2014
Release date (review) 2018/04/30


Even though this would not be the first release of this band, both the debut and this one have something in common, a disregard for commonly established routines in terms of dynamics and progression. Contrary what might be expected from a band with such a title, the music has a definite focus on desolation and loneliness. Extreme minimalism in the arrangements and the overall concept are the basic characteristic of this project and their way of expressing themselves. This had been true of the debut release and this would be true of this one as well. What has changed is a limitation in terms of the vocals respectively the lyrics, which have been reduced to an even lower scale than before.

Do not be mistaken. Those long tracks, at times ticking over 20 minutes, appear in terms of conception and approach as nothing more than a bare minimum of what is actually necessary. The facetious imagery that some might associate with the band name is by no means representative of the actual expression. Rather, it is like a opiod-induced hallucination. An illusion of what can be, than a real actual manifestation. Are there guns? Could there be guns? It appears that only shots of pure mortification are what actual take place.

Mostly acoustic music and at one time even a mixture of ambient / noise is what this release is all about. As a highway in a desolate place and landscape, things tend to progress in a steady but mostly uneventful kind of way. Such would be the case here as well.

Do these roads lead through this suburban nothingness? Do they lead away? Do they pass this place?

Can be downloaded for free.