Broads – Fang People & eoh

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Band Broads
Album Fang People & eoh
Country United Kingdom
Genre Folk, Ambient
Release date (album) 2015
Release date (review) 2017/04/11


An antidote the hectic of the pre-Christmas time. Fang People feels this way. The gentle humming of the keyboards, the monotonous beating of the drums and the comforting vague melody line give together the impression that one should let these moments pass. Examine them, but try not let them take dominance over you. Relax with a cup of tea.

The second track eoh is no different in this respect. Bubbly music, which could go on forever but stops at 1:46. Ambient, a sparkling melody and some rare beats of the drums is what can be found. Then it ends … and it leaves the listener somewhat confused, due to the immediateness with which it is done. Should there be a full menu to this appetizer, then it cannot be found.

Two rather short compositions, which offer not much except for some short moments of calmness in an otherwise hectic time. But then … who has time for contemplation and reflection now anyway?