Broads - Omno

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Band Broads
Album Omno
Country United Kingdom
Genre Folk, Ambient
Release date (album) 2015
Release date (review) 2015/09/30


Ah yes, the floppy disk. Sadly forgotten gem of old. I still have a drive for these at home, yet the computer that would hold it does lack a functional motherboard. Nevertheless it is nice to see this medium dwell in a niche these days.

Omno contains three tracks and it is interesting see that one of them last even for over four minutes. Of course it is even better to experience the music in a proper quality: 320 kbps, which brings the total amount of hard disk space for this album to nearly 19MB. Impossible to a floppy disk? By no means, just create a couple split-zip files and the you can split these equally over those gadgets. Sending them over to someone could be expensive and an unnecessary burden though. And do not forget the likeliness of file system errors.

Luckily the label provides the music in a proper quality as a download, which enables a listener to enjoy the music in such a way that it would bypass the limitations of a floppy disk. Leaving this aspect aside the music differs quite a lot throughout this album. The opener is some kind of bubbly ambient composition, then a rather folky psychedelic track and the last one would be a sad or maybe contemplative piece of music. Quite a lot of contrast for an album that lasts for 7:39. Of course some pieces have a touch of being unfinished and left in a state in which they are unable to deliver their full beauty. Nevertheless, those fragments that are available can definitely be enjoyed and are recommended.

Hardly able to quench anything … that tiny sip on this disk.