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Band Daniele Brusaschetto
Country Italy
Genre Experimental, Progressive, Electronic, Metal, Noise
Link https://danielebrusaschetto.bandcamp.com
Release date 2017/08/22


It happens even today. You open your mail box and a letter with a CD can be found in it. You do not recognize the name of the sender and even after opening the envelope it does not ring a bell. Who is this person? Why this CD? What kind of music would be on it? Well .. sometimes a review of and interview with a death metal band from Italy can have some surprising effects it turns out.

Please introduce yourself and your band/project a bit. Would you mind sharing a bit about the history of the band and how everything started?
My name is Daniele Brusaschetto, and after having played in various bands between the late 80s and early 90s, around 1994 I took the first steps with my solo project, offering music halfway between industrial and songwriting.
After various collaborations, tours in Europe and one in the U.S., in 2016 I met the drummer Alberto "Mono" Marietta. After listening to his playing, I decided that it was time to turn radically towards an extreme rock 'n' roll; a different metal, with a metal sound but with absolutely different attitude. The bassist Francesco Borello joined the band a few months later, and the power trio was complete.

As you have been active for quite some time, there is the question of, what keeps you going? Do you have some goal that you would like to achieve? Or is it the need to express yourself?
Good question! It's a mystery; I think music for me is an obsession, nothing but a drug I cannot get away from. The "goal" would simply be to round up with my music the low salary I get with my "slave job", but at the age of 43, it is just a vain illusion. It was an illusion before, but I pretended I couldn’t see the reality. Using positive thinking, producing music is the pastime that keeps my mind young

How important is it for you to have success? Or is it more of a "l'art pour l'art" that drives you?
I’ll gladly leave “l’art pour l’art" to the good family's offspring who play the role of the "artist". We can talk about ART when it generates an economic movement, otherwise, it is a "hobby".
"Success" as in "achieving goals" is important, but as previously written, I continue because of a music addiction and nothing more.

Has this changed over the years?
Unfortunately, no. In fact, I've spent almost all the money I earned in my "slave job” to release albums and play live. Now I'm a lot, loooot more conservative.

If you look back a bit, since you have been active for quite some time now, what would be your opinion on today's music scene; also, compared to how it had been some decades ago?
I have to admit that I do not know really anything about the current music scene. And it was not very different even when I was young. I've never felt part of any scene, and I never tried too hard to belong to one.

Are you still able to enjoy what you have performed decades ago?
It’s always fun to compare yourself with your past; then, the songs composed almost thirty years ago and reprised in the demo released a few months ago are definitely different from the original ones and from the idea I had of them.
… I have to say I am amazed by the complexity of some parts I managed to write at 17 years old... !!!

What bands influenced you back then, and how has this changed over the years?
In the 80s/90s I was crazy about Voivod, Prong, Godflesh, Helmet and all the deviated, cerebellum, syncopated metal..
After that, I spent some year listening to practically everything with open mind at 359°.
And then, finding new music was no longer a priority; I almost stopped searching for it.

If you had to describe your music, how would you do that? What are its facets and how have these developed over time?
I’ve always tried to make different things, to use different gears… Guitars, electronics, loop live, pc ...
In the lyrics, I go into the worst people's thoughts, small manias, frustrations, life-ends, disillusionment, daily pain, death ...
Describing the music in terms of genre and style has always been very difficult for me.

Do you have something like core essences that have somehow remained a constant in each of the releases?
The themes of the lyrics, probably. The playfulness I have in composing songs. I have always considered my albums as the chapters of my personal life diary.

While some of the cover artwork is rather abstract, others are more concrete and clear. How do the visual expression and the audio go hand in hand? Is there a connecting element?
The covers, as well as the audio content of the albums, are very different from each other. They all are essentially nonsense related to my experiences.

Who has been responsible for the artwork?
The drawn ones are almost all created by some of the people I follow in the workplace, a structure for those with a mental/physical disability. Some are pictures of different origins, while others are scanned newspaper clippings or collages … Over the years, I have been indulged a lot.
For the layout and the graphic assembly, I almost always personally took care of it.
The drawing on the recent demo is a Samantha Risino work; probably - and hopefully - she will have the burden of creating all the future ones as well. Full support to her: https://www.facebook.com/LividaLuna/

You started in the metal scene, didn’t you? What bands did you play in?
I was during adolescence, from 14 to 19-20 years old. Bands who have never concluded anything concretely, only a very few concerts and many rehearsals... The beginning was hardcore, then thrash and death metal...

You had also been active in a death metal band called Nerocapra quite recently. How does this fit into the broader concept of you making music?
It was a “divertissement” to remind me of my adolescent memories of extreme metal. In this case, without updating anything; pure, simple, primal metal.

Why did you quit, and would you consider exploring something more extreme than you currently do again?
I was no longer interested in it.
I've been playing some other extreme projects for a long time, all one-man bands:

How do you see the linkage between metal and noise?
It fascinates me so much. Extreme music has no genre boundaries; metal, electronic, industrial, concrete, etc.... In my opinion, the merging of more ways of understanding musical extremisms can only bear tasty fruit.

What is noise to you, and how does it fit into your music? It’s a world where, finally, the need for a "logical" sense of daily life is disintegrating into billions of fragments that bring consciousness into non-places where the existential nothing is perfectly understandable.

You have used English as well as Italian lyrics. How does it feel to express yourself in either of the languages? When do you use one or the other? Does it have to do with the lyrics and their topic?
Singing in your own language does not compare; words grow into music like ivy on a wall. I use English when I want lightness and easy communication. For "Demo ’17," I used English only.

As you have a live album out, it appears that you perform on stage. But judging from the wide range of sounds and styles, it would be interesting to know what could be expected at such an event?
Live album out? ... No such program at the moment ...
The gigs from now on will be performed with new songs only, those from the demo onwards; only "extreme rock 'n' roll." All the past is absolutely no longer offered live in any form.

What is it that you like the audience to experience?
Good entertainment; a great show with good music played. Dancing and dancing and dancing and fun.

Where can someone find and listen to and buy your music?

Do you prefer releasing music yourself, or rather by a label?
A label, of course, provided it is a serious label. Self-produced demos are used just as a promotion, to look for people interested in investing their energy in it.

Closing comments, if you like.
An appeal to clubs, pubs, etc. etc.... If you are offering gigs and you are interested in a band that sounds really cool live, contact us. Otherwise, rely on the usual money-eating bookings proposing the usual overrated hooked up bands
Thank you very much, OneYouDon'tKnow, for the dedicated time!