Depraved Murder

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Band Depraved Murder
Country Indonesia
Genre Brutal Death Metal
Release date 2015/10/05


Where is Depraved Murder from?

We were from Pare - kediri, east java - INDONESIA

Where did and why was the band started?
In home town, Kediri. Because we want create a product from music skill.

Has there been some kind of initial starting point?
We want to honed our skill in music.

Why did you pick this band name?
cause we choose a brutal death metal genre and the concept is gore. And DEPRAVED MURDER is the sick name for brutal death metal band.

Why do you play this extreme form of death metal?
Because we want to honed our skill in music, absolutely in death metal.

What bands have and still influence you in this regard?
Gorgasm, Defeated Sanity, Inveracity, Blasphemer and many more.

Indonesia has a lot of death metal bands, how did this influence you in starting the band and playing this type of music?
isn't about local band or non local band countries. We choose thats band for influence because I think in death metal thats band have a good and great character in music of death metal, and it can make us hard to thinking about some new creation in music of death metal.

How would you describe your local scene and how do you fit into it?
especially in here, the city of Pare - Kediri, many death metal bands likes Demented Heart, Departed, and more.. all the fun here, in this scene, all about INDONESIAN DEATH METAL.

What role does metal or even death metal have in the Indonesian society?
Which the one of international music association.

How do people react to your music?
Some peoples is doesnt like our creation, because they are not like Death Metal. And some peoples, who is like or knew about death metal and music is support us, thanks full.

You use several samples on your album. Why do you use them and how they fit into your concept? What would be the source of the sample in Disgenosome?
I pick sample from indonesian movies gore because, I think this is something that supporting the material of our concept.

Does Indonesia have a scene which produces gore or horror movies? Are there some you could recommend?
Not much is producing gore film in here, probably because of age limitations and boundaries of religion, however, most of the few films that tell about the ghost (especially Indonesian ghost likes Kuntilanak or Sundel Bolong).

What makes these movies fascinating?
The source, which the murderer before kill a boy playing music old skull (favorite song), and then kill the boy with automatic saw to break the head thats boy.

Can you write a bit about your lyrics? What kind of topics do you deal with?
"I am being arrogant, because I can't stand of this pain
A little work of hell came to my life
Sickness, tortured mind, cruelty and fucking place
I can't stop it, I know it is just begining
Yeaaaah I was born to be murderer."

How do you start with a song? Do you take a sample, a riff or some text? Are all band members involved in this process?
A fiff, yeah all personel band involved in the process create the song.

Why is the last track of the album Remnants of Depravity an acoustic instrumental? Is there a special reason for the album to close in such a bleak manner?
To relax and enjoying ears after listen the brutal song, hell yeaaaah. LOL :D

How someone contact you and where could someone buy your music?
WAAR PRODUCTIONS / and distribution in USA to: FORCE FED MERCH /

Any plans for the future of the band?
Wish we luck in the future way, and may ALLAH SWT blessing us to create a creation again and again. AAMIIN

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