Drottning Omma -- Iris av is

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Band Drottning Omma
Album Iris av is
Country Unknown
Genre Dark Ambient, Techno, Noise
Link https://offworldcoloniesltd.bandcamp.com/album/iris-av-is
Release date (album) 2016
Release date (review) 2017/03/30


Untitled. Ten times. Dark ambient at the beginning, then some techno and dark ambient and towards the end some noise. Monochromatic cover-artwork. Yet not a reflection of extremes. Music that appears somehow "bite size". Things that are difficult to last. Fragments. Contrasts, diversions, illusions ... drottning omma... really? Consult an encyclopedia ... avoid the lingua franca.

An iris of ice.

Sometimes engaging, sometimes contemplative. Hardly any light. Confusion ... and inviting textures are only looming in the distance.

2:26 ... 8:32

Once on tape, but now only digitally. Quite limited, restricted to the longing minority ... but longing for what? No one knows.

The pervading impression is neither the first nor is it the second term. It appears to lie beyond.