Future Museums -- An Absence

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Band Future Museums
Album An Absence
Country United States of America
Genre Ambient, Post-rock, Drone, Noise
Link https://futuremuseums.bandcamp.com/
Release date (album) 2016
Release date (review) 2017/05/15


Maybe things need to be shattered or maybe cast aside. There needs to be a certain disruption in order to set the stage for pleasantries. It is this idea that comes to mind once the first minute or so of Future Museums' album is over. Is this necessary to actual spark the interest? Or should the mind be cleansed first of other influences in order for those other sounds and impression to fill the now empty void? Or is it some form in initiation to those familiar with a certain subset of music, whose definite progression of ideas follow and established pattern that is then recognized by the connoisseur? Yet things are as they are. An intense opening, slightly off-putting due to the amount of layers and the kind of sound, but after that a calm meditative calmness. Even though some counterpoints are allowed to shine through now, but remain unable to shift the music in an other direction. All remains sedated, calm and meanders on in a mixture of post-rock and ambient.

In some respect the opener contains all elements that are of important throughout the album. Introspective soundscapes, noise, ambient, riffs being put in a clear focus. When it comes to describing the music, then the aspect of arrangements or broader conceptions are difficult to come by, as a lot of facets appear to remain at a distinct spot and are not allowed to progress in any direction. It should therefore not surprise by any means to experience an ambient texture hovering over several repetitive patterns. Things flow. Things remain. Juxtapositions.

The music is warm. Flows along gently. Contains few disturbing facets or elements. This is especially curious considering the opening of the release. Presumably things need to be set up properly, need an introduction that has a cleansing effect. Yet these moments feel superfluous, somewhat detached from the rest, out of the flow in terms of the general direction. While generally dreamy, driven by calm guitar melodies and all too often hovering gently over ambient layers, the music comes with a very dense atmosphere, which is kept up nearly throughout the entire release.

In the end it is not an entirely pleasant release ... but there is always something that tends to annoy.