Generic Death & Varunian - Continuity Of Deception & Black Hole Trip

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Band Generic Death & Varunian
Album Continuity Of Deception & Black Hole Trip
Country Spain
Genre Noise, Ambient, Experimental, Punk, Metal
Release date (album) 2012
Release date (review) 2016-08-03


01 Generic Death - Continuity Of Deception (10:12)

It is somewhat tricky to fully understand the band's intention or rather interpretation of the two terms "continuity" and "deception". Are these supposed to be understood literally? Do these fall back on the track and therefore on the band's part of this split album? Is the lack of the former or rather existence of the latter a conceptual imperative in terms of the way this piece of music had been composed and/or arranged? In some way the rawness and the noisiness do have their own special charm, while the switching between the styles over the length of the recording does come over a bit unnecessary. With a certain lack of concreteness this push towards a noisy mess and a breakdown towards a chaotic to and fro, is anything but convincing. This becomes especially apparent once the band returns to their earlier style again.

1 -- 2 (2', 2") -- 1'

Whatever reason the band might have had it feels odd to experience this juxtaposition of elements. Do not expect to find a red line or the sort ... this is experimental stuff with a certain punkish baseline. The vocals are hollow, the guitars noisy and the drums raw. To these electronic sounds should be added to a considerably degree and of a variety of facets. It is difficult to really pinpoint the style. A loose mix of elements might be an appropriate bottom line of it all. Motives appear and vanish again, but it is hard to find something that would actually last.

02 Varunian - Black Hole Trip (14:59)

Seriously? The track is supposed to reflect some kind of "Black Hole" trip? It can be questioned whether this depiction, this strange juxtaposition of spacy ambient and various types of noises -- sometimes surprisingly rhythmic, then chaotic and unpredictable -- come even close to what someone has to go through once the Event Horizon has been passed. With physics that are beyond imagination and current understanding the music feels to concrete and predictable. Especially the sad and somewhat moaning texture in the background creates a counterpoint to the the strangeness of the sounds, feels like an anchor to the reality that is actually left behind and impossible to return -- at least in a physical shape, gamma rays are a different issue though -- to.

Therefore, this piece of music is anything but convincing. Even more so when contextualizing it and setting it into a proper framework.

Closing comments: Not an overtly bad release in particular, but also not of a kind that would leave someone in awe and astounded. Two solid performances ... and with each their short-comings, flaws and whatnot.