Good Good Things -- Good Good Things

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Band Good Good Things
Album Good Good Things
Country United Kingdom
Genre Rock, Experimental, Minimalism
Release date (album) 2014
Release date (review) 2018/04/30


A low-fi rockish alternative piece of music. Unpolished, hardly balanced and therefore slightly off in terms of sound and conception. The medium of choice had been a tape on which those six tracks had been distributed equally on both sites. All comes with a surprisingly charming cover artwork. It lacks the seriousness, which is quite an ample nod into the direction of the music. It should be noted that the overall length is just a bit above twelve minutes, which leaves little room for exploring ideas in each of the tracks.

All is rather straight-forward and mostly without much of a playing around. Riffs and arrangements are repeated excessively, while vocal elements play a somewhat crucial and dominating role. Distorted as these appear, it is up to them to create a counterpoint to the (often) monotonous performance of the instruments.

This release has a certain charm, but it tends to wear off rather fast and unmistakeably. There is simply not much to go by in terms of overall complexity, variation and interesting facets.