Hatecrowned (2015)

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Band Hatecrowned
Country Lebanon
Genre Black Metal
Link https://www.facebook.com/Hatecrowned
Release date 2015/10/24


Please introduce yourself and your band.

We are Ayvaal and Dahaaka from Hatecrowned, a Black Metal Band from Tripoli - Lebanon, founded in 2011. we already released an Ep on 2013 and recently a new album through Satanath Records which is Newborn Serpent.

How has the band been since your previous release Warpact in Black? What has changed?
Many things have changed, the band went through a total transformation. There were many replacements in the live members. After Warpact in Black the band's philosophy and lyrical theme have a straight affiliation with the Occult, Anti Cosmic Luciferianism and Chaos Gnosticsm. The change is perhaps translated in the New Album Newborn Serpent, but we are willing to embody it in stronger and sharper material in the future and our music became tighter and its taking form.

How have the feedback and responses been regarding your debut release?
The feedback were very impressive, the label informed us that the album has performed a noteable success, exceeded the expectations, and we could sense that after reading several reviews on the album, it was described as a solid work and a punch in the face. Some praised us for the quality of metal we provided.

On your latest release there is no Arabic language any more. What made you change this aspect?
Simply we did not include any Arabic lyrics because it was not necessary, and it was not suitable with what we were doing, but the idea is not completely vanished and we are willing to use Arabic lyrics in upcoming works. it all ends up in the hands of inspiration

Aside from this, in your own words, how does this new release differ from your first output?
Quite a big difference I would say, Newborn Serpent not only describes our spiritual awakening, a state of rebirth into Kaos, but it also marks the change we are going through on the personal scale. Warpact in Black was chaotic aggressive, had no clear vision but a raging dog. Our debut album is the beginning of a project that is taking shape everyday we spend it in this ending world. Newborn Serpent to me is more than an album, but a path to the endless one. Musically, I would say the drums is recorded live, the musical aspect is more clear, focused and less eclectic. It represents us better.

What are the core essences of your music? What can people experience on a Hatecrowned album?
Hatecrowned's Newborn Serpent was composed and recorded carefully. We took time to master the album and we are proud to release the beast. In the Serpent there is no compromise, as it is clear in the lyrics. Musically, the composition was tailored to our preferences and we are surely inspired by a number of bands such as Watain Von Behemoth and Belphegor. I think the best description would come from a listener and not from us. We expect feedback from you and people

How would you respond to the statement that “Newborn Serpent” has more of a Western metal touch than your debut. It comes over more focussed.
That's right, because on Warpact in Black we wanted the eastern element to be more dominant, because of the Ep's theme and our previous influences, but it is a whole different story when it comes to Newborn Serpent, here we have a clear theme, we also consider Newborn Serpent as a threshold to the band.

I liked the track Raje'a Yetdammar Lebnan on your debut ep and how it combined ferocious metal with Arabian influences. Why did you drop these? Is there a chance that such influences will find they way into your concept again?
It is possible, we often use the middle eastern element in our music, either boldly or subtly

What would be the poison of the Newborn Serpent? What made you pick album title?
Newborn Serpent is venomous and addictive. Nothing stands in our way into reaching to its ultimate wisdom. Its hissing makes the world tremble, our objective is clear: Destroy the world, reach into the formless and the free. besides that the name reflects our spiritual rebirth as sons of darkness and death, as well as it is a tribute to the great beast, The Serpent, a great animal that digs with fear in the hearts of its enemies and frighten everything around even the ones of its own kind

Can you write a bit about the lyrics and their content?
Each track is based on a different idea, but they are just lines that will form a mighty and strong web. you can find Chaos Gnosticsm, Qayinism, Anti Cosmic Luciferianism, other tracks about hatred and deep repulsive misanthropic feelings, some were about personal experiences. and the web they form embodies our deepest hatred to the very formation of this world and our deepest passion and dedication to the Eleven Gods of Azerate.

The Metal Archives lists quite a lot of musicians that had been involved in your band so far. Who would be responsible for the music and the texts and how do these other musicians fit into this?
As it is stated, Hatecrowned's main musician are Ayvaal and Dahaaka, the rest musicians were either session members or live members. the music is composed by Dahaaka and the lyrics are all mostly written by Ayvaal, as for the drums, Ayvaal composes the basics and Benjamin Lauritsen used to make some changes and edits while recording.

Is there a special reason for the track Void to be at this specific location of the album? Is this a separation of the album in two parts?
Actually it is not seperating the album, but it is an introduction for Redefining Purgatory.

You did have had a chance to play live on stage, right? Where did the concerts take place and how have the responses been?
We did many live appearances in Lebanon, the latest was in Beirut with other metal bands. Most of them took place either in Byblos, either in Beirut. There was one in Tripoli, in Las Perlas Resort. it was our first. Fans in Lebanon Hail our presence on stage, especially the intimidating presence of Ayvaal. We have few dedicated fans in Lebanon due to the fact that Black Metal is not popular in such a country that fears anything unusual. It is a religious place that shuns ideologies and music. Preference goes to other "more peaceful" genres. One of the reasons we stopped live shows is that it's not worth the efforts, besides that the poor and failed organization of the gigs fed us up. We are focusing to tour outside Lebanon whenever we have the time.

Lebanon faces quite a lot of troubles right now. How is the situation over there? Is it as bad as the occasional 5 seconds in the Western mainstream media suggest? (I have read Robert Fisks book on Lebanon, it is a country with a troubled past)
We witnessed worst times, it is quite better and still now, but maybe it is just the silence before the storm...but actually we do not really care for what is happening on the political theater. When it comes to Arabs, we think they all are primitive "clans" that were meant to kill each others or be killed.

How do you think that this will have an effect on the metal scene in general? Might there be more repercussions than before?
It reached its peak and now it is falling down and apart and it will keep falling. The so called new generation of metalheads are not looking for artists or musicians, but actually looking for figures and stars to take as their psychologists and rolemodels.

When it comes to addressing societal problem do you think that the metal scene will deal with them?
Thrash and Death Metal are leaders in addressing such issues. We are simply not interested in the whole cosmos to care. Black Metal is far from this issue. People express themselves in different ways its their nature and its normal to express society problems in the genre they like

How is the local metal scene doing actually?
Fukked up, filled with kids and posers and falling apart.

How can people get in touch with you and where can they buy your music?
Either directly from the label's webstore, or by contacting us on Facebook or on Hatecrowned@live.com

Your plans with the bands in the foreseeable future?
We will work on a new album, this is doubtless, and we are attempting to make a split or more, and of course participating in more complications.

Closing comments if you like
Thank you for your time, HAIL DARKNESS, HAIL KAOS !