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Band Herscher
Country France
Genre Drone Metal, Doom Metal
Link https://www.facebook.com/pages/Herscher/141091659267053?fref=ts
Release date 2015/12/28


How are you guys?

Hello, we're fine and you ?

Can you write a bit about the history of Herscher?
Yes! We started the band in 2010, just bass / drums ! During this period , there was an EP and an album (Pursuit) . We played in Canada , Estonia, Latvia , Lithuania, Belgium and a lot of French cities ... In 2014, we decided to incorporate Bud keyboard . We released our second album (Eponyme) and will turn in Switzerland, Germany , Poland, Romania and Ukraine ! Today , we replaced Bue by Aurélien

There appears to be the French word herscher which can be translated to “drag sth. on”. In German there is the word Herrscher (ruler in English), but I suspect that there is no relation to this word, or? Why did you pick this name?
Yes, you're right, in France, Herscher mean exactly "To push a cart in a mine"! We chose this name because it corresponded with what we think (hope) to a deep music, dark and sometimes light ...

What kind of music do you play? How has it changed over the years?
It is often said that we are a mixture of noise and doom ! Our first record was very noise and Evole our style to something more doom while keeping noise elements ! In our EP and two albums, we always had a drone song too ... After the next album will be Noise ? Doom ? Drone ? We do not know yet , we have no timetable imperative , label or other so we do what we want, whenever we want ...

How would you describe your music? What are its core essences?
I think our music is trying to tentre to something spiritual, deep anyway! We listen to all three lots of kinds of different music , many different readings, but we find ourselves easily in a slow and heavy music ! It was to vie for now, we will see later whether that is still the case ... ha ha

Your latest output comes with some contrasts in the sound and style of the music. The first two and the last two are less noisy and distorted than the third and the fourth track. How come? Should this release be imagined as a concept album, which can be separated in three parts maybe?
Yes , I see what you mean ... Actually, it 's not really a concept album . We recorded six songs that compose this album , and then we tried to put them in the order that suited us best suited to be consistent ... Afterwards, as I told you , we listen to many different music style , which I hope to produce a personal music , away from modes ...

Can you write a bit about your reasons for playing this kind of music? Why do you add drone and noise elements to the doom metal? What role to they play in the concept?
We play this music because we like to play this music , this music our music has helped us during those six years to go further in our reflections , thoughts , travel and other meetings, the drone is a spiritual and profound music, he seemed important to play it, the more it allows to relaxation times between songs more muscular ...

What would be the lyrics about? Are they printed in the booklet?
No, sorry the words are not printed in the book ... It's a problem of money , otherwise they would be there ha ha ha! The words are the fruit of reflection René ( Vocals / Drums) about life , life after life , be wrong sometimes love, integrity etc ...

The cover artwork of your eponymous debut album offers a juxtaposition of several elements. What can be seen on it and how does it reflect the music or vice versa? How it can be seen ?
We have our version, it would certainly be different to other people, which is quite interesting ... Each one will see a vision of his own person, we do not want to impose our in this case !

There is no logo on the cover artwork and also the style is quite abstract compared with the previous releases. What made you change the style? Has there been a source for inspiration?
Yes , there is no logo on the front , we prefer to put on the back for more visual impact on the front of our album ! We really wanted to change the graphic style compared to the two previous discs. This mixture of photography and external elements incorporated , allowed us to push the graphics later in the reflection ! The graphics of our first record was made by Reno Custom Wild Guitar ( Guitar Brand he created ) , the other two were made by René which also tattooist ( Ornament Tattoo / Thiers )

Vinyl, vinyl, vinyl. All of your releases appear on vinyl. Can it be suspected that you appear to like these black discs for a special reason? Why no tape?
Ha ha true! We are particularly committed to this format ! For me , simply because it lasts longer in time and also because as the cover is greater we see more details of the graphics ! But we all albums out CDs too! For cassettes it will happen for the next I think it was a lack of resources for earlier ! If you know of labels ready to help us , it 's ok ! As I often say to those who swear by vinyl (or other formats ), the most important is not the format of the music but even the music itself !

Aside from this, the amount of copies per output had been limited to only a couple of hundred each time. Can it be suspected that Herscher want to linger around in the underground and quench the thirst of only a small (but maybe loyal) fanbase? What would be your response to this?
Yes , it is on one is and will remain committed to the underground ! We can not and do not want to live on our music!

We do this because we like it , play music , record albums , meet people, to visit other cities and countries etc ... It is true that our fanbase is faithful , most have all our records ...

Speaking of vinyl. What would you your opinion regarding downloads? Not everyone thinks of a vinyl player as a convenient means these days.
I am completely for download ! For me this is a freedom to have this opportunity , Each one will do what he wants but for me I was able to download and will allow me to discover groups full ! I used to download discover groups after if I like I buy their albums ! In addition téléchargargement , I several times a month in my usual disc store

Do you take special care to store your vinyl disk? Do you have by chance ripped the music on it in Flac or Wav in order to preserve the quality of the sound of these discs?
Yes, I am very careful in my records , my children can enjoy it too ... For the record Herscher , I always keep five albums for me to be able to know where I 'm from and where I am going musically !

How can someone get in touch with you and where can someone find your music?
It's very simple , if someone is interested , he can join us on herscherdoom.com or herscher666@gmail.com ! Integrality to stream or buy our merch , he can go on http://herscher.bandcamp.com/ ! Thanks!

What would be the future plans for Herscher?
For 2016, we have planned three mini tours , one in France / Germany ( We need a little help in March), one in Israel and certainly one in Central Europe! We most definitely will record a new album end of 2016 !

Closing comments if you like
Thank you ! I thank you for your interview, and all those who support us ! And those who support music features ! Thank you very much ! I hope to very soon !