Hostage of Fate 2016

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Band Hostage of Fate
Country Greece
Genre Death Metal
Release date 2016/08/14


Please introduce yourself and your band. Where are you from and what kind of music do you play?

A: My name’s Achilles Karageorgiou and with George Adamidis, both coming from Rhodes of Greece, we play our style of death metal/ grindcore/ call it whatever that has some things to say to the world.

Can you lay out in the history of the band a bit? Where have you started where are you now?
G: Since we started hanging out together and learning guitar we wanted to create a band. That was around 2004. A: Our debut took a long time to develop. Lots of factors played a role in that – “At First Man Tried to Create God…and He Succeeded.” was released in 5th March 2013 and frankly did really good despite the fact that the 3 years passed since its release we didn’t have enough time to solely focus on the music and promotion of the band. “II” or “Hostage of Fate” was written, recorded and produced within 3 months, from November to January 2016 and show the light of release on the 5th May 2016.

Do you believe in destiny and/or in the aspect of a free will?
A: Everything has a destiny. That is death and the beginning of life anew. G: Free will? Yes, everyone does have and shapes their future and said destiny with it.

Why did you pick your band name? Had it been fate? Was this meant to happen?
A: It has the whole meaning of life fit in it. G: It’s a good name for a death metal band as well, I think.

How does your music and your band name fit together?
A: Can’t say anything else than to have a listen to “Hostage of Fate” from the first album to find out how.

Is there a special reason for you to play this kind of music? What bands have played a role in this regard?
A: There’s only one reason special enough to play any kind of music. It feels good, empowering, soul cleansing.

How do you fit into the Greek and your local metal scene?
G: Check out the Greek Death Grind Scene group on Facebook if you want to discover bands and music similar to ours.

What would be the core essences of your music?
A: Life and death. Righteous anger, hope, love and hate.

As your debut release dates back a few years and as you have not released anything since, there is the question whether your musical style or approach has changed a bit?
A: It has evolved into something more personal, something more intense and aggressive.

How does the interplay between lyrics and music take place? What comes first and do you put a certain emphasis on one of them?
A: Both play the same important role in our music. Sometimes music will come first and then lyrics already written will be applied to the music, or from a simple phrase riffs that will create a song will spawn.

Why do you keep music at such a short length? Is this not an arbitrary limitation?
A: It happened naturally. Not all of our new songs are so short, but there is some truth to that I wanted the songs of our second album to be shorter than our first.

Can you elaborate on your decision to cover Mastodon and their track March of the fire Ants? What makes this track so special to you?
G: Mastodon is one of our top favorite metal bands and inspiration. So we thought why not. We love that track and that album and was really fun to play.

What about live performances? Is there any chance to see you hit the stage? In case this would be true, would you use a real drummer instead of a drum-computer?
A: Of course we will use a normal drummer. His name is Akis Malamidis and he’s waiting for us in winter to move in Thessalonica and plan out live shows. Hopefully it will be a good time.

How can someone get in touch with you and where can someone find your music?
G: Through our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

What would be the future plans for your band?
Make sure you listen to our music and check from time to time our Facebook page. We got plans for the third album release not so far ahead.