Hybernation / Rainbow Valley – Parcel02

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Band Hybernation / Rainbow Valley
Album Parcel02
Country Unknown
Genre Drone, Ambient
Link https://archive.org/details/L0BIT01
Release date (album) 2014
Release date (review) 2015/10/03


Two bands, five tracks and one floppy disk. Yes, those track have a combined size of unimaginable 1.5 MB. Of course some would shy away from such a prospect, because they would be bemused of such a release and of the quality that it presumably contains. Undoubtedly, all comes at a price and in this case it is a limit in the amount of kbps; it is neither below the eight nor above the twenty barrier. Nevertheless, it is astounding that it takes actually so little in order to create music that leaves a positive impression and sweet atmosphere.

Naturally, epic and complex compositions have not been added to this nice artefact. It is rather a certain kind of calm ambient music, which makes memories on several of the outputs found at the Kahvi Collective. It is dreamy music, whose sounds and noises take the listener away form the hectic and the immediateness of our days and opens a door into a world of floating rocks, mystic surroundings and otherworldly atmospheres. Music to let the thoughts drift, wander and move away out of the grip of reality.

Both Hybernation and Rainbow Valley do not differ much in the actual expression of the music, but the former has a larger amount of concreteness in their music and concept. In terms of the latter of these two, there is a larger emphasis on drone, while on the whole it is less accessible or dreamy. Disruptions and stark contrasts do not play a role in either performances and accordingly all flows along gentle, steadily and with a distinct predictability.

Synth-driven ambient with elements from the drone scene. Such would be the bottom line for this release.