Isnaj Dui - Sunspot Loops

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Band Isnaj Dui
Album Sunspot Loops
Country United Kingdom
Genre Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Drone
Release date (album) 2017
Release date (review) 2017/09/05


The indication in the title reference points towards a certain hope of permanence in a realm that is generally associated with chaos -- or maybe even chaos at its purest. In it there is a hope of reassurance to be able to relive the fleeting moment of something as incomprehensible as a sunspot. The coalescence of matter and energy, the strange alliance of ultra-violet and infra-red radiation, together the illuminating factor of the solar wind all together create a confusing set of anti-harmonic equilibrium. While all "elements" are in place and fulfil a certain role, the underlying current is too complex a set as to expect an identical one in any given "ordinary" time frame.

What is a sunspot loop, then?

An occurrence of something fleeting or rather the illusion thereof? Ever (?) or constantly (?) changing music or arrangements or fragments or sounds whose conception appears to be free in style. Unburdened by the importance of reality.

Echoing sounds, multiple layers of ambience and noise. Harmonies paraphrasing each other, appear as contrast, appear out of thin air. Playful, mystical, bewildering. Isnaj Dui's music consists of a multitude of layers whose coalescence escapes an immediate understanding. All of these evolve, but come over a fragile and distant. Be it the wind-play thing or the ambient melodies or the drone textures, each of these have their own harmonic basis, but they do not attempt to engage the listener. Rather they circle around themselves; akin to a sunspot. Furthermore, each of those four tracks does not even attempt to transgress the boundaries. They do not spill over, leave their immediate conception or arrangement behind. Stuck in a certain spot there is not possibility to venture out of it and develop. All they can do is exhaust all their energy and vanish entirely ... and all too sudden as needs to be emphasized.

Somehow the phrasing of "Sunspot Loops" is a hendiadys. Superfluous in some respect. A nuance that is unnecessary. A play with the expectations of the listener and a cruel way to shatter these.

What is a sunspot loop? No freaking idea ...