Jaguar Min - Equine

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Band Jaguar Min
Album Equine
Country United Kingdom
Genre Ambient
Release date (album) 2014
Release date (review) 2018/04/30


Dead horse? Come on, with such a title at least some puns should be allowed. Not only because the music feels a bit beaten down the track. This "brainstorming" is actually a bit more fun than wondering about how the odd cover artwork fits into this. Maybe this wooden contraption had been grinded down by a horse from hell. Maybe it burned down -- including a horse from hell. Maybe it was built on top of a buried horse -- from hell. Broken down, because it could not carry a horse ... hell knows.

Ambient generally feels a bit awkward in case it is limited to such short fragments. With each of the five tracks being shorter than four minutes and with a total length of 14:14, what is there to expect? Not that the music by itself feels a little bit off or conceptually imbalanced, it is rather that those idea could have been expanded considerably longer. Or maybe this would indeed be something to avoid, while Equine presents all in such a concise and ample kind of way, as to just get just enough of the attention of the listener without becoming dull or boring or ... Somehow like in a Monty Python sketch in which the plot is interrupted because the level of stupidity reaches for intolerable heights. Yet in this case, the tracks lack the pun. They lack the bottom line.

A thought that might come to mind is the general absence of dynamics most people might associate with equines. There is dynamics, power, grandeur. There is presence, there is a lasting impression. Jaguar Min's performance remind on Apassionata, this idea of bringing horses into a different kind of sphere and maybe even wrapping all into a mythological layer. Such can be found in the music. Rather like space ambient, but without this immediate sense of distance. Dreamy touches. Sparkling moments and touches. Could the music transform into some kind of artefact, like a brooch for instance, it would sparkle indeed. Whether it would look cheap or be overbearing might depend on the perception and personal preferences. Nevertheless, it comes over as a bit too much at times, even though it fails to deliver much in actual content.