Kara-Lis Coverdale - A 480

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Band Kara-Lis Coverdale
Album A 480
Country Canada
Genre Ambient, Electronic
Link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kara-Lis_Coverdale
Release date (album) 2014
Release date (review) 2017/05/30


It appears to be music with a distinct and intense presence but with a general lack of perspective. Not that the presentation of the actual creation leaves something to be desired, but it is rather due to the way the music circles around itself, feels comfortable with itself and refuses to move out an immediate proximity. Somehow it is an endless deja-vu. Indeed, it would be possible to imagine some of the compositions on a vinyl disk and an endless spiral – circling around but never ever getting anywhere. Things are, are destined to be, but will never be something else. Music that is ahistoric at its core.

The steadiness makes dizzy, makes one dream … dream of forgotten places in which obscure and unbeknownst beings dance in a hypnotizing, ever similar kind of way. Ecstasy without consideration for the outer world, for space and for time. One can get lost in the moment that remains, unlike in reality in which the present is the fleeting moment that can never be grasped. While this has its charm, it is nevertheless a tiring experience to sit through tracks of over twenty minutes, whose musical complexity does not exceed the one of a tea-spoon.

In the end it is a strange release, whose artistic merit stems from certain conceptual approaches and arrangements, rather than something else.