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Band Karnivora
Country Indonesia
Genre Brutal Death Metal
Link https://www.facebook.com/karnivora.INA
Release date 2015/11/08


Can you please write about the band, its history and the music that is played by it?

Karnivora is a band plays brutal death metal. musical theme is complicated. Most of it is about gore, sadism, ganja, social issues and so on. We were formed in the late 2009 in Jember, East Java ID.

How does your band name fit into the music you play? Why did you pick an Indonesian version of carnivore?
We thought Karnivora is a well-suited and fancy name. We knew there are other bands named almost same. Like Carnivore or Carnivored. But, Karnivora is a name never taken before. So, we took it as a band name intentionally.

Can you name some bands that have influenced you in the process of writing the music for the album? Do you prefer modern or old-school death (brutal) death metal?
About musical influences, we are not so sure. Our members have vary different taste in music. Can be Metal, Hardcore, Rock or even blues, Classic or pop. specifically, Death Metal bands we adore are such Deeds of Flesh, Disgorge, Dying Fetus, Gorgasm, Cannibal Corpse and more. We also listen to local bands. Mention like Jasad, Siksa Kubur, Death Vomit and more.

How does your band fit into your local scene? What other death metal bands can be found in your region?
Actually, we got no problem with that. Here, now there are so many local DM bands. Mention such as Dirty Infamous, Corporal Carnage, Reduced, Pantheon and many others.

What do your lyrics deal with? Why do you use English as well as Indonesian?
Our lyrics tell about gore, sadism, ganja, social issues and so on. We didn't just use English and Indonesia language. We used local language, Madurese, to make our album sounds multicultural. Here, many aspects of languages, culture and people stood to be one and it's called "Pandalungan".

How important is the content of the lyrics, since just by listening to the music not much can be understood? Are all lyrics printed in the booklet?
For us, lyrics stand as important as the music. We tell thru lyrics and feel thru music. Yes,,

How would you describe your music? What are its essences?
Our opinion, Karnivora plays brutal death metal with some touch of slamming and down tempo right after some ferocious riffs & scream-growl vocals. Our essence of music can tell by reading lyrics part by part.

Your music follows a certain and distinct path. When it comes to variation and complexity, then how do you deal with this aspect? Do you prefer a rather minimalist set of elements or do you plan to make your music more complex in the future?
We let our audiences decide about it. We just play what we want to, like what we want to, and compose what we want to. For sure, we don't know what to put between complex or simple instead. What we got, we put there piece by piece. As long as it sounds nice, we take it. It could be simple, complex or maybe good or not really good.

What would be a starting point for a song? Do you have a riff, a sample, or a text … or what? Is the whole band involved in the process of getting things done?
At first, we play some riffs and drums follow. If it's good, we take it. It's not, we changed it over and over. Lyrics and vocals flow follow the music.

How long did it take you to get your album done?
It's been too long. We took over than four years to finish. Our members are working and students. Beside, we change our vocalist 5 times. But, that's not really an excuse right?

Are you satisfied with the outcome?
We are satisfied. But, we have to make it better for the next one. Especially for sounds to produce.

Who had been responsible for the cool artwork?
Byzz Artwork is good. One of Indonesia has best.

You picked a Skid Row track for a cover? Do you like the band or was it just because of the title of the track “Slave to the Grind”?
Actually, we like Skid Row. It was a coincidence while our guitarist, Rendi, was listening to Skid Row and found this one so cool for music and lyrics

Are there any other tracks you would like to cover in the future?
We got no plan for it. But, if we find some catchy and cool stuff, we take it.

How can someone contact you and where could someone buy your music?
Contact us thru Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, or direct contact to our label, Waar Prods, Link

Any plans for the future of the band?
Keep to make good and best quality stuff

Closing comments if you like
We want to say big thanks for metalheads in every inch of the world and for every support they give thru labels, magazines, buyers, die-hard fans and everything they could. Many many thanks.