Lowlife - Stranded on Retard Island

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Band Lowlife
Album Stranded on Retard Island
Country United States of America
Genre Punk, Hardcore, Thrash Metal
Link http://www.majordestroyer.com/lowlife-stranded-on-retard-island/
Release date (album) 2014
Release date (review) 2015/09/30


Fast paced punk with metal influences and compositions that are comparably short and spot on. Of course the title of the release gives another aspect on what kind of music can be expected here. Eight tracks of which the shortest clocks at twenty-seven seconds, while the longest would only have two minutes and fifteen seconds to offer. As someone with a metal background bands like S.O.D. and M.O.D. come to mind of course, even though the sarcasm of these two bands does not shine through here. D.R.I. on the other hand would be a bit too extreme.

Punk, hardcore and a bit metal might give a vague impression of the direction that this release takes. Not too fast, not too complex and executed with skill as well as awareness of a proper balance of the elements. Screams, shouting, nice breaks and such form the basic elements of this release. Sadly those tracks come over a bit too polished and a bit too nice. An additional amount of dirtiness and noise would have been welcome. A bit more pissed off attitude like one would expect it from a band of these genres. Easy to enjoy -- those 11:36 minutes pass by rather quickly, even though the band does hardly provide something new. Yes, the vocals are well performed and also the production is good. In the end though, it is nothing but an average piece of dirty punk.