Nerocapra (2015)

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Band Nerocapra
Country Italy
Genre Death Metal
Release date 2015/11/03


Please introduce your band a bit. Where are you from and what kind of music do you play?

Mirco: Ciao, Nerocapra come from Italy, are a death metal band, lovers of the first death metal around the 80s and 90 ... we like to call "primitive metal".

Can you lay out the history of the band a bit? Where did it all start and what made you play this particular type of music?
Mirco: Nerocapra conceptually born around the year 2003 by me (Mirco Rizzi guitar and vocals) and Dne (guitar and vocals at the time) driven by the desire to return to play extreme metal (both played and we continue to play different types of music). ..after some time we managed to find a drummer, Nerocapra record four songs for a cd demo in 2009. After a small tour of northern Italy with Arabrot, joined the band Beppe Mondini who took the place of our first drummer, Giammario. In 2011 Nerocapra released "Vox Inferi", the first real full length cd (selfproduced/FOAD records), follow some shows and Dne left the band. Beppe and I decided to continue and was born "Mefisto Manna" (selfproduced/Warhell records/Justified Violence records), our second release. After trying several guitarists to replace Dne we decided to record it in two and move the project forward. Later, joined the band an old friend, Alessandro Battezzati (guitar), to be able to return to play live...

How have the responses in terms of your debut album been? What did you and maybe still take from these inputs? How has it effected the sound and style of your second album?
Mirco: The first album was appreciated by lovers of metalmusic more dirty, dark and "old", and has been heavily criticized by fans of extreme metal more modern, clean and "glossy" ... has divided the critics and in a certain way has created curiosity ... all this for us was useful to better understand the "real" metal scene today (we are all around 40 years old) and to continue to follow our musical journey made of distorted guitars, shouted voices and fast drum...just sweaty and played music!

In your own words, what would be the differences between those two albums?
Mirco: are two sides of the same dirty coin, of course, the lack of Dne to the songwriting has meant that my personal musical pleasures are more predominant ... "Mefisto" is more "acid" to "Vox"

Can you explain the album title a bit? What would be the translation into English?
Mirco: "Mefisto Manna" speaks of "food" for the mind and body that Mephisto, evil entity of corruption, can provide... The "divine" food of Mephisto...The title is inspired by the literary work of Goethe's "Faust"

How does the artwork fit into this? What can be seen on it and who had been responsible for it?
Mirco: the entire graphic work was released by me... for the cover I just played with some photos taken to a wolf shaped hanger trying to recreate a goat...Nerocapra means black goat.

As your lyrics are in Italian it may be interesting to know what your lyrics deal with. Could you explain this a bit?
Mirco: the lyrics speak of mankind, its cruelty, its endless wars, its denied and distorted emotions, its religious beliefs, its mind and body diseases...of all that is pure and simple reality compared to Western beliefs related to evil and the devil, as the goat symbol, associated in the West to the devil...

Why did you choose to make your music dirtier and more aggressive? The music appears also to be more old-school then on Vox Inferi, don't you think?
Mirco: today these are our pleasures, and as I said before, all that we want is to be aggressive, rotten, direct ...

Who had been responsible for the production? The instruments have more punch and the sound is more transparent. Are you satisfied with the outcome and how do you look back on the sound of your debut release?
Mirco: I personally took care of the production of both. the albums were recorded at Hellbox, my little recording studio. We like both, are different pictures of different creative moments

Putrefazione is an instrumental, but why did you place it nearly in the middle of the album? Does this track divide the album in two parts?
Mirco: During the registration process we usually like to give vent to our most noisy and annoying musical fantasies (like "vermi 1 and 2" of "Vox") ... in the case of "putrefazione" the all started improvising with Beppe during one of these moments. This instrumental doesn't divide in any way "Mefisto", It is an integral part of the work.

Have you had a chance to play live and on stage yet? How have these experiences been? Any forthcoming concerts?
Mirco: yes, we played a few gigs with the new line up and we feel satisfied, we are trying to organize a mini tour and not individual gigs also to avoid unnecessary expenditures of monetary resources (fuel costs and highways in the first place!).

How can someone get in touch with you and where are your releases available?
Mirco: - these are the two main addresses for contact us. our productions can be found directly to the labels above mentioned or directly to us.

What would be the future plans for Nerocapra? Do you have a new release in the pipes?
Mirco: in these days we are recording a mini album that will come out in 2016, will be released on audiotape and will be distributed with Clandestine paperzine, our idea is, then print on vinyl with the help of some small labels with the passion of old metal.

Closing comments if you like
Mirco: thank you for this interview and for your support and thanks to all the people who have passion for extreme music!