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Band Nerocapra
Country Italy
Genre Death Metal
Release date 2012/07/11


Why don't you start the interview with introducing the members of the band a bit? Who are they what are their roles?

_Mirco: guitar and vocals
_Beppe: drums
_Dne: guitar and vocals

What made you start the band in the year 2003? According to a biography on MySpace your experiences in the music scene go back some days. Could you elaborate this topic a bit?

  • _Mirco: me and Dne, old friends and old listeners of '80 metal tapes and vinyls, in that period restarted to speak about the pleasures of that sound, the groove and the rage of that kinds of riffs. ..the need of this kind of stuff... I like to play, or try to do it, different musical genres but none of them makes me vent as the raw deathmetal of those years... We started to looking for a drummer and, fortunately an old friend helped us to create the firsts songs and the first cdr demo in 2009

Considering the aspect of the music that you have created before Nerocapra, it seems astounding that the music is rather conservative. Why did you choose to play this type of death metal and what makes this genre so special to you?

  • _Mirco: for me, deathmetal music must be rough, raw, sweaty. other music projects can approach conceptually, in terms of topics and notations, but perhaps only change the tools or the sounds I use.. .the feelings are the same.
  • _B: I don't think we have chosen to play this 'thing' by ourselves, we have been inspired just by the sound of our youth. To express our anguishes in this manner comes naturally to us.

Could you imagine a more daring attempt of making music? A hybrid between the pre-Nerocapra concepts and its current manifestation? What would be your arguments; pro and con?

  • _Mirco:... Nerocapra must be deathmetal, was born for this reason. ..anyway, our sound will always be influenced by our different musicals experiences...
  • _B: we already have other projects in which we have driven to the extreme consequences all our influences, Nerocapra just wants to play death metal in its own way.

How would you translate your band name and what had been your reasons for picking it?

  • _B: it sounds good, it's original, in english it hasn't a real meaning.

Why did it take you so long to get your first release out? Were you trying to create a certain kind of music that would coincide with your own preferences or did the other projects still consume a lot of time?

  • _Mirco: looking for the drummer for the recording sessions of "Vox Inferi" we found the perfect engine for Nerocapra... B: contacted us through internet after an our show.. .did 300 Km to meet us. ..the best drummer I've ever been able to have the opportunity to play and create...
  • _B: our main problems are the distance between each others and the cost of petrol!

All tracks from your 2009 demo appear on your debut album 'Vox Inferi' (2011) as well. Are there any differences between the versions or can they experiences in the way they were originally intended?

  • _Mirco: the parts are the same...
  • _B: they don't change almost anything, we tried to improve the sound.

What kind of music do you play on your debut? Could you write about the core essences of it?

  • _Mirco: we play deathmetal. 25 years ago. ..primitive metal!

It is interesting that your music is generally fast and leaves the listener hardly ever a moment to breathe. Could you ever think of something slower with a less hasty attitude? What about long and more complex compositions? Is such a thing likely to happen?

  • _Mirco: I try to write songs.. .I don't think about how many seconds/minutes should last
  • _B: we are not lovers of the progressions and complexity, we like to be concise, we play songs and we want to arrive straight to your face.

Vermi 1' and 'Vermi 2' are two tracks that stand out a bit from the other ones. They are instrumental and rather in a noise-influenced fashion. Why did you add these to the album and why at this particular spots in the track list?

  • _Mirco: are the final ritual of "Vox Inferi" recording sessions...
  • _B: we were very drunk during the recording of those pieces.

How long did the recording process take? Where did you record it?

  • _Mirco: 6 days for instruments and voices, different meetings for the final mix and mastering. Vox Inferi is recorded in Hellbox...the Nerocapra homebase

How have the responses been on your debut album?

  • _B: good responses, people feel the genuineness of our proposal.

Looking back at it, are there elements or facets you would like to see changed?

  • _Mirco: is Nerocapra... I like it
  • _B: no.

Who was responsible for the cover artwork? It looks like a hybrid between a crocodile and an octopus. Did you have had a part in the creation of it as well?

  • _B: I've drew it, it would be a goat from hell, but it has come out like so!

Should the metal scene open itself more to modern elements and concepts? Are you able to enjoy bands that push the limits a bit and try to merge these two contrasting genres?

  • _B: I love hybridization, it's the only way to generate new ideas and styles.

Why don't you write a bit about your local scene? Do you have some bands that you are able to enjoy and which should receive some additional recognition?

  • Jvlirco: many.. .very many...

What about live experiences or is Nerocrapra a mere studio band?

  • _Mirco: we toured few days in the past and continues to try to have the possibility to take part of metal event. ..we try...
  • _B: Nerocapra is a very physical band, we need to play live, we're not a studio band.

Is there a chance to see a new release any time soon?

  • _Mirco: we have different new songs...
  • _B: yes, expect very interesting stuff!

Do you consider participating on a split album?

  • _B: Yes, we'd like to.

What about a cover version? If you had to pick some tracks, which would these be? Would you simply cover them or maybe even interpret them?

  • Mirco: Motorhead!!!
  • Dne: I don't love so much to play cover versions.

Do you have some releases available right now?

  • _B: no

How can someone contact you? What some Internet sites?

Some final words if you like.

  • Mirco: drink beer and stay metal. your local bands! ciao and thanks for the interview