Nightbreed -- Nightbreed

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Band Nightbreed
Album Nightbreed
Country United States of America
Genre Black Metal
Release date (album) 2016
Release date (review) 2016/07/25


Yes, folks ... Nightbreed mean business. They leave no doubt about it. They deliver .. something ... and stick to it. A wild an ferocious brew of black metal mixed with a certain degree of thrash and death metal. Four tracks have found their way on this first recording of this band and they all follow in line somehow. No messing around, no endless build-ups and no keyboards. Raw merciless stuff from the underground, which was presumably recorded in a rehearsal room and maybe even on a tape recorder.

"True Extreme Black Metal", isn't that night. One might want to give them a pad on the shoulder and congratulate them to this audacious task. Extreme screams over an unpolished sound of the instruments might be able to give such an impression, but the band somehow fails to deliver something fresh or new. It is nice to see a solo and also the short sample with which the demo opens can be described as acceptable. All in all it is a solid first output.