Philippe Lamy – Entre Deux

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Band Philippe Lamy
Album Entre Deux
Country France
Genre Ambient, Field Recordings, Drone
Release date (album) 2013
Release date (review) 2015/11/03


Music with nuances. Music to pay attention to.

Music can be of a fleeting character. It likes to escape the immediate grasp, likes to vanish out of sight and into minimalism. Such would be the case here. Entre Deux comes with elements of field recording as well as ambient and maybe even a bit of drone and it is therefore exactly this type of music. One aspect would be the overall reduction of the volume, another the minimalism in the arrangements or in the concept. As all is generally kept low, it is therefore difficult to follow the band in those two long compositions. Either the volume needs turned put up or headphones should be used when it comes to listening to this release.

Whether this experience is satisfying in any regard may depend on the preferences of the listener. To some the lack of structure, the uncertainty in the elements and the free switch in terms of volume levels may have a negative impact on the perception of it all. Somehow the music refuses to reach out to the listener and to spark a fascination or to create an atmosphere. Sounds appear and vanish again. Strange noises help to break the silence, yet their part is limited to a few vague glimpses, whose impact is generally kept at bay. Drone textures oscillate in their impact and intensity, but rarely leave more than a vague impression. If field recordings tend to have a somewhat intimate touch to them, then this release attempts to step away from this to a considerable extent. The concept refuses to reveal itself. The counterpoints and the nuances are left open to interpretation. Those concrete and mystical elements will help to spark the curiosity in this regard.

The title of the release can be translated to intermediate and this sums up the issue pretty well. The style and expression is neither the one thing, nor it is the other. It meanders around and between these. As such, it may not be able to fascinate fans of either of the aforementioned genres and may keep each of the factions somewhat disappointed.

It may be used as some kind of ambience … but more might be unfitting.