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Band Sarcotrofia
Country Mozambique
Genre Death Metal
Release date 2015/11/16


How are you guys? Please introduce yourself and the band.

…GUESS WE ARE FINE…BETTER WE ARE EVER GREAT. WE ARE SarcotrofiA a Mozambican Guttural Rotten Pornovaginotopsy squad….

What made you play metal and not rock or some other genre?
…HONESTLY THINK THE MUSIC MADE US THE GRP-HEADS…but we basically don’t play a genre but yes, we play and make music in general….we are open to everybody to call it whatever you like in the way it makes you feel…we are really waiting for the crowd to tell what the pussy music do we rip… Just to bold, we generally play what we feel and not exactly the genre, so we named our sort of music GUTTURAL ROTTEN PORNOVAGINOTOPSY (GRP)….it’s the super joint of Mozambican traditional rhythms with metal and its sub-genres, then it end up sounding like ‘’GRP’’

Can you write a bit about the history of the band? How did you guys get together and started a band?
…. Well we all live in the same town in Maputo/Mozambique, so Goro invited Lolah (the past bassist) from jazz scene to Exchange some ideas and jam sometimes…then they both got excited in jamming some varieties of drum & bass, so, then later they were sick to form a band so they called Daude ‘’namesis’’ the vocalist and he invited his trust Guitarrist Euclides ‘’Mestre’’ both from OVNI band, to join us for the jam session, and blablablabla….as the band has a crossing generation from different schools of music, this expirience made us a versatile musicians that later we decided to form a band that would bring something new, different, good but above all typically Mozambican…
So in sum-up, The band comes from the ashes of another past band called Sarcomaticaposa founded by Goro Fast (Drummer) in 2006…then after several lineup changes it became SarcotrofiA…from there until now we have been working hard trying to bring the best unexplored side of music to the listeners and lovers of this musical genre in attempt to create an identity as SarcotrofiA…..!

Sarcomaticaposa had been a band that existed prior to Sarcotrofia. What kind of music did this band play? Why did it end?
Sarcomaticaposa was a Traditional Brutal death metal band, that didn’t last long, just because the member had different ideas which step by step killed the focus of the union of the band…so members fall apart and left behind….

Why is your music on such extreme levels? Is there a special reason you pick a mixture between death metal and grind core?
...woooooh! we didn’t realize that we are extremely death metal and grind core, but we think that it’s so extreme just because we don’t fall or play a genre when we are jamming/practicing, since we are versatile musicians, we play everything until its extreme side, then there comes the ideas of making our own riffs and stuff….

How would you describe the local music scene?
….our local metal scene is good, solid and stood together as one…so it is growing bigger to huge…although we need more, but, we can’t complain with number of Mozies-heads we had…

How many metal bands can be found in Maputo? In case there are others, what kind of music do they play?
…we have got tones of bands for a small city like Maputo, just in Maputo city and surroundings we have got around 32 active bands of different genres, bolding that in each province town of Mozambique there are some more bands that keeps the metal waves alive…and we are still lucky in terms of genres just because among all the bands we have in the country, each band brings a new different genre, that’s why even if we have all the bands together our festivals or gigs never suck because we have this tutti-frutti genres sharing the same stage…

So, you have your first release out. How hard had it been to write, record and publish it? Are you satisfied with the outcome?
…Yebo! We already launched our EP-Left to Rot on the 30th May 2015, this 1st step wasn’t hard to write since SarcotrofiA comes from the ashes of the past band, so we already had some tracks made we just gave it a new balance and add some spices to make it sour ehehehe…then we published it during our short touring around and surroundings and also our crowd were waiting for the EP so it didn’t last long to finish the copies we have made and spread it all….yes 4 sure we are satisfied, since our satisfaction is the feedback we use to have from the listeners and Guttural-heads , we can’t complain they push back…

According to your Soundcloud profile you used traditional rhythms in your music? Can you write a bit about this? How do these rhythms sound and what do they add to your music?
…and thanks for your attentions! You know we are Africans and here we have many different types of rhythms which can influence any one to get addicted to …so we connected these affinity we have with African music to our metal in order to bring some super joint with weird sounds and rhythms in it - but basically dropping the whole shit in it…honestly it is difficult to mention how, think we just let it go with flow to bring what we have, we use to practice a lot and make research of different weird and strange rhythms in order to bring something to bold our skills, we have no boundaries in music thing, in addition to, we live in a country which the potential music industry is traditional and tropical vibes think these make us have some technical and tribal skills mostly Mozambican traditional beatss, riffs and melody in our msic…

Could you name some bands that have influenced you over the years? Do you have some favourites?
Since we are all Africans, we got many influences of different types of music, but basically our influences are everything connected to the music in general and some weird sounds/rhythms…we don’t have a specific influences just because we are opened to everything connected to the music in order to make us versatile musicians.

You already played some concerts, right? How have these experiences been? What and where has been the largest crowd?
…yes, beside Mozambique, we toured South Africa recently sharing stages with top listed S.A among others, and also performed in small gigs and festivals around there…the experience was unique that we would do more often beyond measures…honestly the largest crowd we ever had in our home town since the scene is solid and interactive, but also can’t complain we had best gigs among those we played during our short tour around, the bands, venues and everyone involved in our concerts were so humble and cosy to us above all we felt the brotherhood connections – Best crowd ever.

Do you have pubs or hall that metal bands can use for concerts? What about radio stations? Do they play metal?
….Yes we have some pubs that hosts metal gigs…and we are also lucky in the media and social communication forum whether TVs or Radio channels…ou Guitarrist Euclisdes stream Moshpit TV programme, And to blossom Goro Fast (drummer) also strem a Rockabenta TV and Rock Session Radio show and all are about alternative music, radical sports and metal…so we have our scene very well supported by the media shit…

A good booze from Mozambique?
…sad but true…we can’t tell you about boozes…non of us has experience, we don’t drink alcohol so we are so ignorant about boozes and stuff….sorry.

A delicious dish from Mozambique?
…we have several dishes, and bunch of delicious, so we can’t precise it goes with flow and according to the tastes…think better you come to Moz to try some and have your own conclusion…

How can someone get in touch with you and where can someone find your music?
…for those who want to follow us, check our FB page, click ‘’like’’ and get informed about everything related to the band and stuff.

What would be the future plans for Sarcotrofia?
We are now focus on European tour 2016…and we are so excited about it…so our big challenge is to find a way of slotting us in the music industry, a good record label, sponsorship or endorsement ..Above all play in festivals and tour around…actually our strong point until now is touring around and surrounding a bit more, drop SarcotrofiA seed and make it grow around the world and amongst to the crowd, reach our objectives and keep focus on hard work to make the band worthy.

Closing comments if you like
…thanks for this short conversation, we really appreciate. For those who want to follow us, check our FB page: