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Band Wows
Country Italy
Genre Doom Metal, Post Metal
Release date 2015/11/11


Please introduce yourself and the band.

Hi guys nice to meet you, it's a pleasure to be here on a dead spot of light. I am Matteo here with my bandmates Pierluca, Paolo, Marco, Fabio and Kevin.

Where are you from and what kind of music do you play?
We are from Verona, Italy. Basically we play what we like but if point of refernces are needed I would say post metal with doom and atmospheric infulences.

What does the band name refer to?
Many things but mostly is the sound it makes when you say it.

Would Aion be your first release since the band started in 2008 or have there been others?
Aion is our second release, the first was War on Wall Street. That was our first collection of songs and it's completely different from this project. Anyway I think Aion it's our first real album because this time we wanted to do an album and not just songs.

What would be the main idea behind the band? Can you elaborate and the concept behind the music?
The idea is to express ourselves and complete each other in the songs. The band is born because the songs wanted to be written, it was a natural process. There is no planning of concept behind the music, we dediced the features of course but music came out as our emotions were free to express. Our style is a result of what we like, our favourite artists formed us as musicians and we want to give back, we are grateful for what we have learned ,for the music and all the great bands that walked the planet.

As you have done one explanation already, why don't you shed some light on the meaning of the title of the release as well?
Aion means infinite time. The eras happening one after the other. An endless cycle. Time decides everything and sets our world. We thought it was something that could be a good thing to keep in mind when life gets tough. Personally for me, being that little but at the same time be part of the whole in the immensity of time makes all bad thoughts fade away.

The track titles also fall a bit out of the ordinary routine. How do these and the track hinge together?
We choosed them cause they are all important names, we trust them. They mean something to us but is not necessarely the same for others.. we don't want to give a definite meaning to the songs like it's a school class, mostly they are images or sensation.. but if you are curious you can maybe discover something intresting..

Is the release divided into two parts (1-4; 5-8)? Or is there another reason for placing the two instrumentals at these spots?
No Aion is a one hour song. No reason to place anything anywhere, just sounded good to us.

How do you balance the facets of your music? Is there a point in which you might take a step back so to speak? Do you have a self-conscious reflection?
I can say that we were not completely concious most of the time, that's for sure.! We know that maybe Aion can be a bit complex, but we didn't mean to overdue.

What do you want a listener to experience over the course of the album?
the whole package! Rage and quiet, lust and dispair, pain and pleasure.. but all in a safe way

The cover artwork has this touch of immensity and disturbance. A whirl of elements all drawn towards an inner eye and therefore into a realm that lies beyond an immediate grasp. Did you have had an impact on the creation of the cover? How does the design and the album go together? Should there be a connection?
First of all we want to thank Paolo Girardi for the great artwork ! The cover was guided by us in the general idea but Paolo realized it. The music relates to the artwork, a whirling chaotic tornado and an icy-end of the wolrd landscape kind of gives the idea of what you are going to hear. And finally Aion is endless time and the spiral with all the lost souls inside it makes me think of the cycle of life and death, the majesty of time that keep things running.

How long did it take you to get the release done?
4 years

And how many ideas were scrapped and thrown away?
Something was left out of Aion but mainly we worked on the ideas that you can hear

How can someone get in touch with you and where can someone find your music?
visit our Facebook page , youtube channel or our Bandcamp page.
Keep a look on argonauta socials

What would be the future plans for Wows?
We are starting to think about the third album, but no songs yet. Now we really want to know what everybody thinks about Aion.

Closing comments if you like
We enjoyed the questions and the analysis on the meanings too! good job guys, we look forward to meet again, thank you !