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 Release dateGenreCountry
Daniele Brusaschetto 20172017-08-22Experimental, Progressive, Electronic, Metal, NoiseItaly
Sahrana 20162017-03-27Black Metal, Drone, NoiseSweden
Voluptas 20162016-10-30Experimental Black/Doom MetalCzech Republic
Plutonium 20162016-10-30Industrial Black MetalSweden
Beithíoch 20162016-09-26Black/Death Metal, Dark AmbientIreland
Hands I Annul Yours 20162016-09-04Thrash/Sludge/Doom MetalUnited States of America
Hostage of Fate 20162016-08-14Death MetalGreece
Alozeau (2016)2016-06-18Ambient, NoiseSpain
Totengott (2016)2016-06-18Doom Metal, Black Metal, Thrash MetalSpain
Schrei aus Stein (2016)2016-05-15Black Metal, AmbientUnited States of America
Phobonoid2016-03-19Industrial Black/Doom MetalItaly
Selvans2016-02-01Atmospheric Folk/Black MetalItaly
Escarre2016-01-25Avant-garde MetalCanada
Herscher2015-12-28Drone Metal, Doom MetalFrance
Convictive2015-11-30Post-Black MetalGermany
Neuronia2015-11-24Heavy/Melodic Death MetalPoland
Hanormale2015-11-20Experimental Black MetalItaly
Sarcotrofia2015-11-16Death MetalMozambique
Wows2015-11-11Doom Metal, Post MetalItaly
Karnivora2015-11-08Brutal Death MetalIndonesia
Nerocapra (2015)2015-11-03Death MetalItaly
Broads (2015)2015-11-01Folk, AmbientUnited Kingdom
JT Bruce (2015)2015-10-24Progressive MetalUnited States of America
Hatecrowned (2015)2015-10-24Black MetalLebanon
Anticosm2015-10-12Black Metal, Thrash MetalUnited States of America
Depraved Murder2015-10-05Brutal Death MetalIndonesia
Nerocapra 20122012-07-11Death MetalItaly
Rostau 20112011-05-23Drone/Funeral Doom MetalItaly
 Release dateGenre
Entropia - Pànik sagnant2018-04-30Drone Metal, Doom Metaĺ, Noise
Jaguar Min - Equine2018-04-30Ambient
Good Good Things -- Good Good Things2018-04-30Rock, Experimental, Minimalism
Bad Suburban Nightmare - Highway 22018-04-30Drone, Minimalism
Johanna Warren - Fates2018-04-18Folk, Ambient
Crying Day Care Choir - Leave The Kingdom2018-04-09Folk Music
Isnaj Dui - Sunspot Loops2017-09-05Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Drone
Cloistral - Զուգահեռներ2017-05-30Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise
Kara-Lis Coverdale - A 4802017-05-30Ambient, Electronic
Cloistral - Նվիրվածություն2017-05-30Dark Ambient, Drone
Future Museums -- An Absence2017-05-15Ambient, Post-rock, Drone, Noise
Pensive Ceremony -- Reverential Offering2017-04-11Ambient, Folk
Broads – Fang People & eoh2017-04-11Folk, Ambient
Broads -- Care & Handling2017-04-11Folk, Ambient
Drottning Omma -- Iris av is2017-03-30Dark Ambient, Techno, Noise
Drottning Omma -- En värld av is2017-03-30Dark Ambient, Techno, Noise
Voluptas -- Ved Rums Ende2016-08-15Experimental Black/Doom Metal
Plutonium -- Born Again Misanthrope2016-08-14Industrial Black Metal
Generic Death & Varunian - Continuity Of Deception & Black Hole Trip2016-08-03Noise, Ambient, Experimental, Punk, Metal
L'eoscombu Couti -- Five Cambridge Utilities2016-07-25Ambient, Noise
Nightbreed -- Nightbreed2016-07-25Black Metal
Schrei aus Stein - Wanderwege2016-05-15Black Metal, Ambient
Broads - Hellas2016-02-01Folk, Ambient
The Second Moon - The Second Moon2016-01-01Black Metal, Ambient, Industrial
Strid - End of Life2015-11-19Black Metal
Oscuro Mito – Mientras las Nubes Ciegan la Luna...2015-11-13Black, Folk Metal
Philippe Lamy – Entre Deux2015-11-03Ambient, Field Recordings, Drone
Fosch - Sgrìsoi2015-10-19Black Metal
Utarm / Sadness Saturn – Untitled2015-10-11Black Metal, Noise, Drone
Hybernation / Rainbow Valley – Parcel022015-10-03Drone, Ambient
Equipo Humano Uno – Letitbe2015-10-01Experimental, Field Recordings, Noise
Broads - Omno2015-09-30Folk, Ambient
Lowlife - Stranded on Retard Island2015-09-30Punk, Hardcore, Thrash Metal
Knokkelklang - Eksistens2015-09-21Black Metal, Ambient, Noise
Sahrana - Journey to the Far Side of the Sun2015-09-16Black Metal, Drone, Noise
Anticosm - Anticosm2015-09-13Black Metal, Thrash Metal