Cloistral - Զուգահեռներ

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Band Cloistral
Album Զուգահեռներ
Country Armenia
Genre Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise
Release date (album) 2017
Release date (review) 2017/05/30






Eye sadness


Abandonment (other version)

... again with the help of Google.

Different than the debut release Նվիրվածություն. The cover has more to offer as well. What had been a monochrome landscape, can now be divided into three parts or segments that appear clear-cut from each other. Something grayish, then a strange red-orange and some kind of blue in the distant. This increase in facets can be found in the music as well. There is less of the dreamy ambient/drone mixture, whose style lacked a considerable amount of concreteness and is now more of ambient/noise elements with a definitely different focus. Speaking of focus, the aspect of proximity also finds expression in the cover artwork.

Melodic elements can be found, noise creates a slight diversion, the ambient comes over as more engaging and the lack of length offers less room for exploration. This second output is different and different on various levels. If you imagine the first release as an introduction, a vague hollow view on the periphery of the cloistral, then the second output takes a closer look at some of the structures, characteristics and singularities. It is warmer, but also more confusing and less accessible maybe. It is richer, but with it comes a lack in clarity. What has remained is a distinct level of melancholy.

A less in length in terms of each of the compositions led to an increase in intensity as well as variation. While the impact of noise elements is one aspect, the shift in the warmth of the ambient facets is another. These breach out of the bleakness that dominated the debut release and create on Զուգահեռներ a clear counterpoint. It is difficult to give a verdict of the quality of these two outputs, because they differ considerably from each other. Personally preferences again it seems.