Cloistral - Նվիրվածություն

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Band Cloistral
Album Նվիրվածություն
Country Armenia
Genre Dark Ambient, Drone
Release date (album) 2016
Release date (review) 2017/05/30



No waiting



... at least according to Google translate.

Dreamy music, slightly melancholic, occasionally rhythmic, always distant ... and somewhat alien, not too surprising considering the band name. Նվիրվածություն has an interesting vibe and atmosphere, thanks to the increase in tension in the drone/ambient textures. While the general idea of the music might give the idea of contemplation and introspection, the repetitive structure prohibit this in some respect. In a cloistral, you are bound to listen, but destined to remain impotent. Things are, things progress, but only in the sense of a spectre, something that would fill the void.

Each of the compositions is different, comes each with a definite set of nuances, has therefore a slightly unique touch, but still enough distinctive characteristics. Experience it ... though not in broad daylight.