Drottning Omma -- En värld av is

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Band Drottning Omma
Album En värld av is
Country Unknown
Genre Dark Ambient, Techno, Noise
Link https://offworldcoloniesltd.bandcamp.com/album/en-v-rld-av-is-2
Release date (album) 2016
Release date (review) 2017/03/30


A world of ice

Post-nature? Post-human? Is it ours? Is it just imagination? Who knows.

Different than Iris av is. More breadth in style and conception and sound and variation. A larger realm, a larger playground. Inspirations from "Cities Last Broadcast" it seems. Sounds from forlorn places. Desolation ravages the surrounding environment.

Strange how the third track breaks the flow ... or character. Or rather how it appears to set things in motion, because those sounds, who happened to have opened the album are not destined to last. Strange luring and maybe even engaging rhythms allowed to have their share, while towards the end all creates the impression of fragments, whose lack of coherence and length add a slight tension or disturbance to the performance. Why the shiftiness? It appears slightly superfluous in a setting like this. What could possibly happen in a world of ice? Look at Pluto. Quite miserable down there. No or hardly any contemplation. Yet things are in motion. Indeed they are.

Noisy textures, noise, ambient, electronic beats, dreamy sounds and some other stuff can be found on this cassette. It is a wild assortment of ideas, whose conception gives the impression of a somewhat random arrangement.

More intense than the Iris av is, but less convincing.