Oscuro Mito – Mientras las Nubes Ciegan la Luna...

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Band Oscuro Mito
Album Mientras las Nubes Ciegan la Luna...
Country Bolivia
Genre Black, Folk Metal
Link https://www.facebook.com/oscuro.mito.bolivia/timeline
Release date (album) 2015
Release date (review) 2015/11/13


Folk, black and some minor other elements have been thrown together on this first demo of the Bolivian band Oscuro Mito. Maybe one should emphasize the fact that local traditional elements have been woven into it as well, because they add a somewhat charming touch to it all. Furthermore and this comes not much of a surprise, a band from South America tends to play music that has a touch of times gone by. Modern influences appear to be rare on this demo and accordingly they fail to shine through.

There are three tracks on this output and each of these is basically a different set of elements. Oscuro Mito have not found their style or concept so far and that is why they take the listener through a trip into their realm of musical conception. Sometimes a bit more melodic, then folkish with choir parts and then those darker black metal influenced ones. One should at least recognize the band's willingness to dare to be different and to experiment a bit. There is metal core, which is very standard set of metal, which has elements from the thrash as well as the black metal scene, but as outlined before. Here the preferences lie in the interpretations of comparably older conceptions and not of recent ones. This would also be true of the sound, which comes over slightly raw and unbalanced. Imagine a melodic black/thrash metal band from the 90s mostly without keyboards but with folk elements added to their music.

Whether this release leaves a lasting impression may be depend on personal preferences. That said, the song-writing leaves something to desire, because there is not much that would spark curiosity. Now and then the arrangements come over as forced and unnatural. Some kind of flow is missing or even a balancing of the facets. The keyboards in Luz Naciente are simply off and also the vocals do not always follow in line with the music. Preferences and emphasises.

This first release is an interesting start, but nothing more. Oscuro Mito lack consistency in what they are doing. Somehow it is nothing more than traditional metal elements with folk thrown on top of it. To simply throw term folk as a label on top of the music ignores what this term actually entails. Those cultural narratives and traditions, which are told from on generation to the next. While the texts may be there, some sounds may be there, they stand next to each other and are bewildered about the existence of the other. Here those sounds do not come over as more than an appendix to the metal basis of the music. Time will tell whether the band will broaden their style and whether they will be able to build a solid foundation for their way of making music.