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  • The setting is as follows: a drum kit with triggers, played by Justin, a violin, a small amount of electronic equipment, some kind of rotating stage lights ...Category:Sugar]][[Category:Bubble_gum]][[Category:Experimental]][[Category:Violin]]
    3 KB (552 words) - 19:23, 25 July 2022
  • ...this release are actually promising. The build-up is nice, the use of the violin adds a nice nuance to the sound and also the vocals fit into the overall se
    2 KB (369 words) - 18:09, 8 June 2022
  • ...lyrics in either English or Polish, which was quite good to listen to. The violin player was good as well and it was nice to see the interplay of these three and enjoyed the performance. Folk and shanty lyrics were on the menu. A violin player, a guitar player and an accordion/double bass player -- as he later
    6 KB (1,177 words) - 17:30, 15 August 2022
  • ...inuous play of a chord by the piano, then the voice, then the tremolo of a violin and then the bass. What follows are electronic beats, a steady rhythm and a
    10 KB (1,833 words) - 20:52, 8 March 2022