Ayami Suzuki - Unknown Beach

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02.10.2020 or as it was written October 2, 2020 is actually 20 20 20.

There are two tracks on this release. One normal, one acoustic. The first contains a layer of ambience, while the latter has an accompanying guitar. Two elements. There is a voice as well. Together this makes two. In either case and not in total, but let us not be nit-picky.

Of course the game can be stretched even further. Two tracks, two words -- in case of the first, and two by two in terms of the second one.

Headphones are recommended in regard to this release. The fragility of the sounds, the vagueness of the melodies and their layers might be best experienced this way. A voice that leads the way. It sings, tells and leads along, while in the distance reverb and ambience add volume to the sound.

Interestingly the first track is nearly double in length and it is much more atmospheric, much more otherworldly than the acoustic version. This opener has a haunting and maybe even mystic atmosphere. A stark contrast marks the second one and because of the clarity in which the music is presented it makes it all more accessible, but takes something of the definiteness away, something of the charm.

A beach is a weird place. It can be used to gather, it can be used to enter a place, it can be the last place in case someone leaves for the sea. Pieces can be washed ashore, sand can be taken away. A beach is a place of constant change and this is what can be found on the cover. It is known today, unknown tomorrow.

Sadly, this release would be too short ... similar to the fleeting moments on the beach.