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Should someone be familiar with another language in order to appreciate music expressed in it to its fullest? Or to even to recognize it as something valid for one's taste or should something be cast aside right from the start? It is by no means clear-cut, because a good or certain portion of the release remains hidden through this lack in understanding. Yet, to put it more more broadly, how much music would someone be able to appreciate with a deeper sense of grasping the intention of a band? How many languages, dialects and countries exist on this dust ball in space? Exactly. Edyta Górecka sing in Polish, a language the writer of these lines is definitely not familiar with. Nevertheless, this person is fascinated by this release, even though a good portion of the language, of the lyrics and song titles escape an immediate understanding. Online translators can ameliorate this aspect to some degree, but these fail to express all the richness and flavour that exists in a language. À la bonne heure ... Google might provide you with an answer, but there are more to these four words.

Edyta Górecka's music follows the mainstream approach of indie rock/pop with some additional facets and sounds. Aside from some vague disturbances, the songs on this debut release are a soothing and warm mixture that calms the soul and caresses a troubled mind. Naturally, the focal point of it all is the voice of Edyta. She carries it along, she helps to set the sound and the atmosphere. Most of the time she is there. Hovering above it all. With a definite energy, with a distinct certainty, with an unmistakeable clarity she weaves all together. While the music is still of some importance, her share is the one that actually matters. It is indie rock / pop music after all.

All is rather common place and as expected? Well ... the way this release opens is interesting and may come as a surprise. Not only due to the slightly melancholic current that makes up a considerable portion of the track. It feels rather dreamy and it appears to set the mood for something that the band might not be entirely certain about in terms of sound and style. Is this the reason the sound evolves into noise at some point towards the end? That it is necessary to cleanse all that has been and start again in a fresh kind of way? A second opening? A second start? Is one not enough? Cień, the second track feels this way. The first seconds are silence and then the gentle plucking of guitar strings set the mood and unravel another type of melodies. All becomes more charming and positive again. And not only on this track, but the rest of the album continues in this kind of way. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Always somewhat playful and slightly unpredictable. Now with some slight drum pattern, then with the help of a xylophone and at another point the sound of something akin to a Hammond organ is thrown in. Indie-rock, but occasionally dreamy, but definitely charming in its execution and style. Six tracks and roughly twenty-three minutes are what can be found on this release.

The production is spot-on, well balanced and gives all of the instruments a lot of room. Guitars and bass can be recognized, the drums might be a tiny bit too much in the foreground and all those playful sounds are able to add their nice facets to this release. All flows along gently, wraps the listener in a warm glowing mist. It does not feel as if it something would be shoved in your face, but rather as if someone would take your arm and tag you along.

From the outside, though, what is this music all about? The listener might get a vague impression at some point or the other, but most of it remains enshrouded in the mist of a foreign tongue. Some foggy words appear now and then: harmony, democracy, abstraction. Nevertheless, a lot remains distant, incomprehensible and somewhat intriguing. Maybe the music is all about cooking recipes, abstract quantum physics or even the mating rituals of bricks. Hell knows. Does it matter? If it is of importance to you, then ask the band what they want to express, request the lyrics and give a beating with an online translator. If you are not this type of person, then let yourself be taken away by these charming tunes ... charming tunes expressed in the Polish tongue.

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