Live 2021-04-04 -- Fifi Rong: Yi Jing Live Episode 1

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Fifi Rong: Yi Jing Live Episode 1'Only Man'

Bandcamp or rather streaming performance differ in quality and setting. Some are minimal and reduced to a spare amount of elements; a person, an instrument and a mic + streaming equipment. Fifi Rong is on the opposite spectrum. Even though there is no band and even though the music appears to be played instrumental with her "singing along", this is absolutely fine. At least part of this is live.

What makes the performance different is not only the level of make-up used by the artist, but also the quality of the background illumination as well as the lighting that has been used. Furthermore, members of a VIP-level could re-watch the performance in 4K later on! Even though the entire concert is only twenty-three minutes long, the quality and level of professionalism is staggering. As the writer of these lines has currently no other option but to watch it on a 24" screen, it feels like a missed opportunity in terms of this band. Scenes from clashing waves can be seen in the background, various types of illuminations, stuff thrown around, fire, smoke and the sort. In terms of the lighting of her an equal variety can be found: small specks of light over to full spot ons. Yet most of the times it all remains gloomy and mysterious. Which is cool and adds a certain dynamic to the performance. It creates tension and atmosphere. Unlike performances of other bands it is here that the visual aspects are an important factor. The music itself has its own charm of course, but it is more on the pop side with Chinese influences. Rather unconventional in sound, it is still of the type common in the genre. Yet it is a welcome addition with the vocals and the influences from another culture.

Fifi Rong does her part to impress the audience. With a proper make-up, finger stiletto claws and the sort her presence or rather the single focus that is being put on her works. Her calm and gentle voice does the rest.

It would be interesting to see this on a proper stage. Yes, this is rather commercial stuff and it is pop music and the lyrics are ... well ... you know ... but the overall performance is on a quality that makes this a recommended artist; even if this kind of music might not be preferable to everyone.

Note: Came with a free download of Alone, a full-length from 2016.

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