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The title of the line concert at Bandcamp reminds on an anagram. Anyway, the performance had not been live, but a recording of a live setting. This would be a description by the musician of what to expect:

Bringing you a set of improvised music, fresh curiosities from my songwriting cabinet and plenty of sonic gezelligheid on voice & piano inside a luscious sounding church.[1]

And it is as you would actually expect. A lone piano surrounded by vaguely discernible equipment and one person playing and singing tunes. Melodies are vague and the vocals are equally uncommon. This may be something that finds its niche via Bandcamp, yet might find it difficult to reach out to a wider audience. Glimpses into coherent arrangements pop-up now and then, but only fade out into oblivion. The play of the piano is mostly gentle and minimalist. Simple and at times possibly even random progressions of chords/motifs. The vocals follow in line. It is possible to make out words, and at times even sentences, but all in all this aspect is reduced to a kind of sound. A gentle calmness can be felt throughout the forty-five minute performance. It is the type whose intention appears to be to evoke images in the mind of the listener. Take a step back. Step out of the level of definite and concrete imagination and presentation and step over into this world of pieces, impressions and experimentation. Just take a look at the cover artworks of the releases. It takes time and effort to reveal what is intended by the songs and music. Or will it remain incomprehensible?

Red, violet and green are the colours that illuminate the setting. Black is the dominant one though. There is something fragile to it all and it is difficult to grasp the atmosphere over a live stream. The intimacy or the effect, similar to what can be experienced at a noise or ambient performance and it cannot be experienced while sitting in front of a computer screen. The music will have a much more intense effect on a listener once this person is able to attend such a performance and not merely "watch it". Somehow the mere aspect of being a distant spectator reduces the impression Suzana Lașcu is able to make.

Interesting, but might work better as live performance.


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