Live 2021-04-05 -- Jos Smolders -- Hordijk Krell Variations Concert

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From the announcement: "I will use only the Hordijk System. The music will be electronic (of course) pulsing, cosmic, dronage."

That's it basically. The perspective of the live stream was entirely on the sound system, with some hands appearing magically from here and there. In terms of the music a "playing" or "messing around" with the instrument took place, while in terms of the music a broad approach, see above, was deemed necessary. From an outside perspective it was interesting to see the capabilities of the instrument and to witness/experience how small changes helped to progress and change the sounds.

In terms of a live performance, this one was rather instructive than something that one would brag about among the peers.

The stream came with a free release, which is actually a cool thing.

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