Live 2021-04-09 -- Enter The Chromedome feat Jensen Interceptor

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Amazing. Plain and simple.

This concert can be used as a prime example on why these live streams can be fun as well. First, the performance was recorded and made available to the attendees on the following day. Second, the music was excellent. Third, there was interaction in the chat with the audience and also the visuals were great.

Being rather unfamiliar with the genres of music that were provided during this session, it may be boiled down to electronic, idm, techno and stuff; samples and so on. It was a wild intense ride, which had been a trip through the catalogue of the band, with some exclusive previously unreleased tracks. The screen showed a dj that delivered a one-hour long performance that encouraged one to turn up the volume to max. Encouraged, because as it as 10pm here, and people live nearby, it would not have been a good decision to attempt to bring the house down. This is maybe the only slightly negative aspect. Would it had been a bit earlier, the issue of the volume would have been less of an issue.

Anyway, the audience was not only watching someone frenetically tormenting a dj table, the images where manipulated in a wide array of forms and colours, which made the experience even more worthwhile. Controlled chaos would be one way to describe this event and this is a good thing.

9.5/10 ... easy.

Should all of the performances be of this quality, then this label should be one place to go to and to support.

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