Live 2021-04-17 Ellwood Epps plays solo

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Ellwood Epps plays solo #20

Unless you are at a live festival the aspect of "hopping" from one performance to the next is not something that appears in a normal basis at a concert or event. The Internet enables you to do so and once the live stream of Close Counters was over, this one was the next in line at that evening. First some cool catchy beats and then some experimental trumpet stuff. Bandcamp enables you to enjoy a broad spectrum of music.

Ellwood Epps' performance consists of an interesting manipulation of a trumpet. What you could experience is rarely something with a distinctive melody, but rather an absence of it. While a lot of people will be rather annoyed by this lack of distinctive harmony in the execution, it is a welcome counterpoint to the amount of what is generally offered as a live performance at Bandcamp.

Maybe someone familiar with the releases of his projects could have pointed to fragments that have found into this performance, but from an outside perspective only the intensity and the harshness of this instrument remains. Abrasive sounds and distorted or broken melodies made up this performance.

Aside the mere trumpet, a packaging roll had been used as well as a mute had been used.

An interesting experience, but stream hopping had been a slightly bad idea, because it took some time to get the proper mindset for this kind of music.

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