Live 2021-04-17 Live @ Colour Club from Close Counters

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The thing about a live stream in the Internet is that this confronts the audience with a situation which would not happen in real life. The initial date for the stream had been 2021-04-17. You appear on time. You wait. Nothing happens. You ask in the chat. No response. You wait even more. Sill nothing. 90 minutes later: nothing. 120 minutes later: nothing. Ridiculous. You look on the invitation of the stream and there is a different time written. Not 8PM GMT +2, but 4:00 AM AEST.

No concert then? Bandcamp had announced the start at 8PM but it never happened.

One complaint to the band later, a rescheduled concert one day later took place.

The concert had been recorded in March 2021, which is an odd thing, because Covid-19 is still ravaging and it is a weird thing to see an actual audience without masks and without social distancing having a lot of fun; yes, the writer of these lines is not only jealous but also quite confused that such a thing was possible/wise. The video was shown and no interaction with the audience that was watching took place.

Anyway, an one-hour long performance was offered and it was surprisingly really good. This came rather unexpected and it is a pity that the audience in the stream was rather small. First the band played on their own, then Allysha Joy joined them and towards the end a dancer took over the stage.

Easy-going music with a lot of vibe and energy. A bit of house, soul, beats and other electronic influences. 1 bass guitar + 1 drummer + 2 keyboarder created the sound, while in the background a beamer created visual impressions. The music is dense and really grabs you. While it always takes some time to get the audience going you could clearly see that exactly that was happening towards the end of the concert.

Cool music, catchy beats, good visuals ... a proper live concert should definitely be interesting.

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