Live 2021-04-24 -- Matthew Noone -- Solo Improvisation (ii)

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While the madness over at the Pinkman District was still unfolding, the reviewer headed over to some experimental music. Experimental in the sense that it would rely on one instrument and one instrument only. No manipulation, no mix board, nothing. Just a guy and an sarod; read the Wikipedia entry if you want to know more.

Anyway, Matthew Noone is from Australia, lives in Ireland and plays an Indian instrument. Awesome. A combination that is hardly commonplace and that sounds promising. He stream came with a free album. Sadly, only a handful of people attended the concert, but these were from a variety of countries: Ireland, USA, Australia and Germany.

The setting was as such that he would sit in front of the camera and play some tunes. First free improvisation and later on songs from Ireland -- Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór -- and Australia. He spiced it up by interacting with the audience, which added a pleasant touch to it. Somehow it has something of a bedroom concert, even though none of the attendees would be physical present. It is a shame that so few people were there, because it had been a really fun and really enjoyable concert.

The sound of the sarod added a nice sound to the music and those familiar with Indian music would have noticed that it was not played like in traditional Indian music, but rather in an interpretation or rather adaptation to the situation at hand. The style was rather like a guitar, but with a sound that is not what one would expect.

This was a really pleasant experience and clearly hints on why such a stream can work and be a lot of fun.

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