Live 2021-04-24 -- Pinkman District Live - Episode 2

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Length: ~4:30h


  • Exhausted Modern (live) 45m
  • Gamma Intel 1h
  • December (live) 45m
  • Lulu 1h
  • Univac (live) 45m

As can be seen from the setlist quite a lot of music is offered. Additional to that the audience, over 80 attendees -- received also a free release, which they are never ever ever to spread and which should never ever ever appear on a mix list. Pinkman would be watching ... ever.

The evening took off with music that someone in the chat described as appropriate to slay goblins to. It had something of this atmosphere to it, but this would not be all. The music itself has something minimalist to it. Not the definite focus on beat pattern, but rather on atmospheric elements and somewhat charming tunes. Quite different compared to what would come later on.

Gamma Intel would offer much more intensity and dynamics. Distinct rhythmic patterns, noise elements and some cool beats. It really took a while to get it all going but towards the end it was quite enjoyable. He would use the same mixer that also Lulu would rely later on. Sick and twisting beats.

December would be the only dj this evening who would use a microphone and use his voice and it was surprising to experience a slight focus on industrial elements now and then. Compared with this previous act, this one was a bit calmer and less intense.

The two last djs of the evening really took the cake. First the utterly energetic Lulu, of whose performance one can only say that the endless moving/dancing around should be synced with the mix board. Give her some motion sensors and let her control it all by spinning or jumping or whatnot around. That would be utterly amazing. Compared to a lot of other djs, she appeared as if she does not want to be bothered by this constant manipulation of the sound and only brought herself down to do some minuscule changes now and then. The rest of the time she was dancing around and occasionally took a sip out of a bottle. Great sick beats and cool laid-back performance.

The closing performance was by Univac and the set-up of the equipment was just amazing. Oscillators on either side in the background. A lot of equipment in the front. After a slow start the audience was steamrolled by a sheer endless stream of sound and beats. What Lulu had in energy, Univac had in working on the mix board. With some additional stuff in the background, one might think that he was actually concocting some experiment, of which the music was just a by-product. The music is haunting not only due to rhythmic patterns, but also how the manipulations are like little twists and turns that keep it all quite interesting. There is so much to discover in each of the minutes. Great performance.

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