Live 2021-04-24 -- Seres Produções spring live

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The first concert on this day was by a label from Angola. Traditional music, then? Some stuff from local folk scene? The stuff that can be found in your local fairtrade shop? Nope. Seres Produções offer music from African countries. The stream was hosted on several platforms at the same time, with Bandcamp being one of them. Of course BC has its problems with the quality of the stream, which is not a new thing to those who have watched one or more streams. The issues became such severe that at the end the stream had to be stopped at BC and a link to the Youtube one was offered. All ran smoothly there. Go figure.

Anyway, the setting had been as follows:

  • Deejay Alanto
  • Bun Xapa
  • DJ Satelite
  • Bruno G-Star
  • Danny Boy
  • Crotch Goblin

Solid performances of the djs two to four. The music was rather on the easy-listening side and without extreme counterpoints and such. Catchy beats, electronics, techno stuff and well executed performances. You can clearly experience the differences in musical background and conception, which would differ to a certain degree what European djs would offer at a Bandcamp stream. The guys from African countries offer electronic beats with influences from their region. Which is cool and really enjoyable. There are samples of various type of African singers and sounds in each of the sets. This distinguishes it from other and gives it an identity.

It is all a bit too nice at times, but musical preferences differ of course. What had also been great is a chat with one of the persons behind the label.

All of the performances can be found at the Youtube site of the label. Each of these have a length of more than fifty minutes.

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