Live 2021-05-01 -- Me and My Friends - EP Launch Livestream

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Bristol would be the location this time and the five musicians of Me and My Friends play music that is so annoyingly good and catchy that it makes you gag. Fuck. Just when you think that a performance like the one by Otoboke Beaver would something hard to reach in the near future, it took only a few hours on the same freaking day to be confronted with these folks from the UK, who are a serious contender in this regard. God damn it.

Well, the good thing about Bandcamp is that you can experience and discover music from all over the planet and support small bands directly. In this case you do not get the ordinary standard folk from UK, but something peppered with gallons of reggae and Caribbean vibes. Guitar, ukulele, bass, cello, clarinet and drums are used as instruments but these are just means to establish the basis of the atmosphere. Mics were in front of everyone of the five musicians. A lot hinges on the persons handling the instruments. If you just play the stuff without giving a damn about the audience, you might well be able to leave a lasting impression due to musical versatility, but there might be something missing. In this case it was different. A lot of interaction between the band members and towards the camera, which made it really fun to watch and to enjoy the performance. Also the band responded to the chat, something that is generally a nice thing, because it is nice to have this interaction.

The best part of the stream/concert had been the overall impression that the band left. It all come over so easy and towards the end it appeared to drift off into some kind of jamming around, which was really enjoyable. A performance that lasted roughly one hour and fifteen minutes, including one encore, and was enjoyed by roughly forty attendees.

Most of the cameras were placed in the middle of a colourfully decorated room and the perspectives switched from one person to another. One additional one was placed a bit over them, which gave some shots of the entire room with all the band members in there.

Since I am not someone who would fancy a club or so, a lot of the electronic stuff that has impressed me recently would be rather out of the question. But if a stream would be something to spark your interest and makes you want to go to one of these band's concert, then it would be this one. Of course I would attend it with a Darkthrone, Emperor or Mayhem shirt.

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