Live 2021-05-01 -- Otoboke Beaver live stream show! Emergency gig!

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Holy fuck. Alright, the music on the albums is insane and so is the live performance. Punk meets Japanese cliché in the music and somehow also the live performance of this band. Unlike a lot of other performances that can be seen on Bandcamp and on the Internet, the band decided to not play in front of a single static camera, but having one person carrying a camera and spinning around with it. As can be expected, the image is a blurred once the perspective changes from one person to another, but the advantage is an additional freedom in term of portraying the band and playing with the audience. The acting and performance of Otoboke Beaver was excellent and a lot of fun to watch. With roughly 130 persons attending the concert, judging from the information on the concert entry, the stream as also attended quite well.

In terms of a location it appeared to have been a small club or bar or maybe this had been the rehearsal room of the band. The concert had a length of over an hour with two encores. And sneaky ones at that. The band ended the show and left, while the stream remained open for some time. The all of a sudden they returned to play some additional tracks. Then another vanishing and some more minutes passed again. A final short performance marked the end of the stream.

Otoboke Beaver play some kind of punk, which ranges from calm and melodies to no holds barred and therefore utter insanity. This kind of music can be found on their album and it properly presented at a live concert it seems. A proper live concert must be a hell of an experience. Those four women kick ass.

But in the end there are still so many questions: - were all those sake bottles at the bar empty? - when will the next concert be? - is there ever a chance to get subtitles ... not everyone speaks freaking Japanese. This finger pointing and speaking aggressively into the camera was somewhat intimidating.

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