Live 2021-05-06 -- Eclipse Music By Looprana

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(live) 2021-05-06 -- Eclipse Music By Looprana

Chile this time. In the "wild" this time. Al-right, it could be someone some backyard in the outskirts of a town, but you get the idea. Instead of watching someone perform in a cellar or in a room, there is a "wall" of green in the background. Yet it all looked to abandoned and peaceful. No birds, or insects, no movements of leaves. At some rare occasions there appeared to be something happing in the background, but it was all very minimal. It was outside, because changed a lot during the performance. At the beginning it up hight and shining on the camera, while towards the end it was hidden behing the trees.

The music was a mixture between electronic beats and ethno elements. Three instruments were used

  • an ocarina
  • a flute with two bodies
  • a rattle

The music was haunting, the beats were nice and the addition of ethno /folk elements added some nice touched in terms of the atmosphere. Proper music to wind down and to chill to. Quite good. The concert came with a release.