Live 2021-05-08 -- Choan Gálvez ~ An evening of ukulele waltzes

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The sad part of this presentation of ukulele madness was an unstable Internet connection or stream presentation. This is something also other bands suffer from on Bandcamp when it comes to these live streams. From the perspective of someone who attends this concert it is not clear what is the cause of it. Is it the software of the site or is it the Internet connection? Anyway, it took away a good part of this performance, but kudos to Choan Gálvez who took it such light-hearted and was not to be discouraged by this interruptions.

The setting was very minimalist. Some room and he way playing in front of a camera. He even took a sip of wine at times. Why not? Why not enjoy the performance yourself, but some grape juice; white in this instance. With an ukulele there is no necessity for a lot of space and a lot of equipment, if you just want to present this instrument and its music. Accordingly we audience was guided through a variety of either waltz or pieces especially crafted for this instrument. It really makes one appreciate it a bit more, because there is more to it, then meets the eye.

A sweet concert and a charming host, who was not to be discouraged by the computer issues. Maybe one needs to be Spanish to deal with it like that.

Roughly twenty people attended the stream.

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