Live 2021-05-08 -- MUSIC for ISOLATION ~ The New Album Release live

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Played in front of a live audience with the people from the Bandcamp live stream "joining" in, the presentation had been black and white to those looking at it from afar. The stage was very minimalist and without any decor. The focus had been set on the two person that make up this band: Rie Takeuchi (baritone saxophone) and Gideon Juckes (tuba).

The concert starts with an recitation of a piece by Rainer Maria Rilke. After that the music takes off and a stream of calm, sad, accentuated motives, arrangement and music is thrown towards the listener. The two instruments have a certain intensity to them, something that fills the room and is much different from what you would get from strings for instance. No percussion elements appeared as well, which bereft the motives of a clear guiding element. Somehow those sounds created the impression of waves that the listener is somewhat at the mercy at. The performance is haunting and really sucks you in. This minimalist setting and the monochrome presentation create together something special for the distant audience in the stream. Maybe this has been advantage this time, because it was possible to experience the music in a different kind of way. In a way that is hidden to most people; those would suffer from achromatopsia.

The performance lasted for over one hour and thirty minutes, plus a break between the two segments that were played. Three cameras were used. One from above, with both musicians in view, and two others of which one appeared to have been of a high quality, because the quality of its images were stunning.

Sadly, even though it had been a rather long live performance, it still felt too short. The calmness, the intensity of the music, the visual aspect made you long for more.

And no, I was not sitting in my pyjamas and eating ice cream. Sorry to disappoint you.

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