Live 2021-05-16 -- Fifi Rong Yi Jing 意境 Live Episode 2 ‘Boxed In'

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The second episode of Fifi Rong would be quite different from the first one. Leaving aside the aspect that the fingernails have not been have not received such a manicure, the entire setting had been changed as well. While the first instalment had been a combination of close-up shots with intense images in the background, the first setting had been flowers strands hanging from the ceiling with her singing in the middle of these. Also in this case lighting help to set the mood for her mixture of Western and Chinese music.

The next setting was in front of neon tubes. A third one was similar to the flowers, but in this case red stripes of some kind of fabric was hanging from the ceiling, while she was in the "middle" of these. And you have guess correctly, the last one had been a combination of the flowers as well as the fabric.

The pop music that she creates goes very well with this. Very intense, captivating and an interesting mixture of Chinese and English. Sadly no tracklist was offered along with the concert in order to listen to the original, in case any of these have been released so far.

A slight downside had been the video quality on Bandcamp, which had been due to Bandcamp; 720p max. As a link to Youtube was offered, it was possible to watch the performance in 4K as well. This is rather the exception and also bypasses potential lags in the display on Bandcamp that tend to occur at times.

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