Live 2021-05-28 -- Yondalll & Ursular -- Live Album Release Show

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Two bands on one evening. Sadly pre-recorded, but the quality of it was good and some effort had been put into it. Various camera angles were provided by which either of the bands were shown "properly".

Ursular, the "r" is because the name sounds more "doom" this way, is a four-piece psychedelic doom project with a sax, strings and drums and a female vocalist; no, her name is not Ursula. A good catchy performance of their latest release, which has the music of this gig as content.

The next in line was a two-person band with one playing the drums and one tormenting a bass. Less metal in style, but still good. A rather different setting and mood, but the music had its moments.

A cool and funny part of the gig was a meet and greet part, which succeeded the event. After some technical difficulties that were actually never completely dealt with, both bands answered questions of the audience; via video stream and such. Not a lot of bands do this. Great to see that much effort put into this.