Live 2021-05-29 -- An Tara (Matthew Noone and Tommy Hayes)

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The second concert of Matthew Noone that I am attending and this time we had brought some extra hands ... and a dog as well. Or is the dog always there had been prohibited from attending on the previous (streaming) "gig".

This time it was a sarod with some additional percussion instruments like a Bodhrán. Tommy Hayes had been in charge of this and judging from the information that you can find on him in the Internet he has played it for quite some time now.

The combination of these two is actually quite splendid and the audience, far too few in numbers to be honest, was able to witness two musicians who have recorded music together and who could both rely on a vast background of sounds and styles. The setting was minimalist, but you actually do not need anything more.

A really fascinating performance and more people should attend Matthew's live streams.

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